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Beauty Weapons Against Menopause

One of the many ways in which menopause can undermine a woman’s confidence is in the way it affects the skin. Dry, dull and saggy skin is a direct result of decreasing levels of hormones that stimulate the formation of collagen, the protein that gives skin its strength, flexibility and support. Although there are many […]


Although product placement can be traced back to the time of silent movies (Buster Keaton’s The Garage showed posters of Firestone tyres and Red Crown Gasoline signs in almost every frame), it was E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and the $1m paid by Reese’s to appear in the film that changed the rules of the game for […]

Adrenaline Junkie Dads

A term used to describe a person who feels a compulsion to take part in exciting, dangerous, or intense activities, the truth is that adrenaline junkies are more than just chasers of yet another adrenaline rush. They are often the organisers of super fun events for groups of friends, work weekends away and of course, […]

75 Years of Motorsport

Home to a plethora of businesses and public events, the Goodwood Estate attracts nearly a million visitors every year. It is its association with motorsport that has made it famous worldwide since it first opened the Motor Circuit in 1948. In 2023, motorsport at Goodwood is celebrating its 75th anniversary as well as significant milestones […]

A History of Tonneau

There are valid reasons for a watch to be round, from the circular form of the repetitive nature of telling time to the arrangement of the mechanics beneath the dial. Despite a century of technological advancement since the dawn of the wristwatch, you find those who recognise the impact of deviating from the standard round […]

Michael Johnson

There is no question that Michael Johnson is one of the greatest athletes of all time. Four times an Olympic champion and eight times a world champion, over his career he won 12 Olympic and World Championship gold medals and established several Olympic and world records. Our Editor, Julia Pasarón, interviewed him while he was […]

Rich Pickings

As a lifelong wildlife enthusiast passionate about animals, I’ve always been drawn to the countryside. I love living on a farm, being immersed in the folds of a rural setting where things look different every single day. I get to see rich fauna, like the kingfisher darting along the river, flocks of finches in the […]

Journeys of Self-Discovery

Holistic therapy has proved to be effective in addressing countless physical and psychological concerns. No surprise then that the best hotels in the world are bringing to their spas treatments that invite guests to go beyond the usual hour massage and explore rituals that encourage overall health and inner balance. Our Editor Julia Pasarón shares […]

A Woman’s Touch

As part of the celebration of International Women’s Day, I-M Magazine’s Shelley Campbell was invited to visit Rolls-Royce Motor Cars for an intimate and insightful tour of its jaw-dropping manufacturing headquarters at Goodwood and a chat with a few of the female artisans contributing to the excellence of every car that comes out of its […]

Her Time

Although ladies wristwatches date back to the mid 19th century (coincidently, Omega’s founder Louis Brandt started making watches in 1848), it wasn’t really until the early 1900s that women who were not from the upper-classes began to wear watches, which kick-started mass-production and the development of a complete new sector in the industry. By this […]