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The right choice to lessen hangovers this summer

As summer rolls in – in Britain quite slowly – barbecues get ready, outdoor furniture dusted off and pubs open their gardens, our consumption of wine goes up a few notches to say the least, and with it, the feared hangovers.

By choosing organic wines, not only you are putting less toxins into your body – herbicides, fungicides, mega-purple and high levels of sulphur dioxide among others – but you are also reducing your chances of getting a hangover the morning after.

On the other hand, vineyards that follow organic methods significantly reduce the impact on the soil, are more carbon efficient and contribute to the biodiversity of their regions.

Thankfully, the practise of organic viticulture has grown exponentially over the last decade and now, the consumer is spoilt for choice. Here we share with you a few examples of brilliant wines that you can drink knowing you are contributing to sustainable farming and reducing your chances of getting a killer hangover. As with everything though, moderation is the key word.


I can drink this champagne for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any…

Libators and imbibers go back to the roaring twenties

Scotland’s Oldest working distillery, The Glenturret, is entering a new chapter in its 261 years of history by welcoming a new member to the family, The Aberturret Gin. The gin is named after Aberturret House, formerly the Dower House of the Murray Clan, founder of The Glenturret. This unique London Dry Gin contains carefully selected […]

Mad cooking in the heart of the Black Forest

Chef de cuisine Viktoria “Viki” Fuchs is the sixth generation to run the Romantik Hotel and Spielweg restaurant in Germany’s upper Münstertal. But she’s doing it her way – with sister, Kristin; husband, Johannes, and a fresh, Asian twist. “Wild boar dim sum,” says Viki of the meal guests request most – her signature dish. […]

Yoxman returns in 2024

It’s that time of year again for the epicurean treat of Yoxman. Those of you who don’t know what Yoxman is about, read on. Following previous sell out events over the past two years, Yoxman, a one-of-a-kind event promises to deliver a gastronomic four-day treat. Essentially, it’s a long weekend with top chefs delivering Michelin-star […]

The best of the Med in the heart of Mayfair

Over the millennia, Gaia, the primordial Greek goddess of all life, mother of the Titans and grandmother of the Olympian gods, has inspirited all sorts of artists, from poets to painters and even the odd philosopher. In this case, she moved Russian hospitality entrepreneur, Evgeny Kuzin and British-Nigerian, Chef Izu Ani – the driving forces […]

Wines to enjoy and impress this Christmas

A lot of emphasis is put in the food we eat in the festive season. We spend entire evenings looking at cooking books, ordering exotic ingredients in advance and negotiating the murderous environment of supermarkets in the days before Christmas to secure the best and freshest foods for our beloved and guests (not necessarily the […]

French exuberance in the heart of The City

Success goes with caviar as strawberries go with cream, Caribbean sun with piña coladas, and gin with tonic. Caviar House & Prunier, the only caviar retailer in the world that produces its own caviar, have just opened a fully-fledged restaurant in the heart of the City of London. Located within the 5-star Threadneedles Hotel (part […]

The French classic Londoners can’t resist

Although a lot has changed in Soho since L’Escargot opened its doors back in 1927, what has remained constant during almost a century is the high quality of the food, the charm of the staff, and the fascination Londoners have felt for it, decade after decade, for nearly a century. The history of the restaurant […]

Courvoisier Mizunara 2023, uniquely crafted

The beautifully orchestrated evolution of Courvoisier continues with the release of Courvoisier Mizunara 2023, a blend so exceptionally crafted that only 500 bottles are available. With this second edition, Maison Courvoisier – founded by Félix Courvoisier in 1828, in Jarnac, France – continues its history of presenting unique blends with a cognac that combines French […]

Intercontinental Cascais-Estoril, Portugal

With a list of more than 100 wines and a spectacular view of the bay of Cascais, Bago du Vin is the kind of place to sit back and enjoy one of those lunches that last well into the evening. The design and decoration follow the modern and sophisticated style of the rest of the […]

Restoring local flavour to the Milford Haven Waterway

Food is social glue. It connects us across customs and cultures, just as it has Andy Woolmer of Pembrokeshire Oysters and Jonathan Williams at Café Môr. Together, they’re restoring local flavour to the fishing village of Angle.  I visited them a couple of months ago, to understand why customers drive hundreds of miles to eat […]

Pink bubbles have never been more fashionable

The nation’s love affair with Rosé continues to grow year-on-year. Rosé Champagne is the second largest cuvée type shipped to the UK and has become synonymous with summer. This year in particular, with the much-anticipated film Barbie being released, there seems to be a total craze for all things pink. Victoria Henson, Director of Champagne […]