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Guy Ritchie's latest hired gun wants it all


Yinka Shonibare’s new exhibition delves into conflict, persecution and immigration

British-Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare has returned to the Serpentine with his first solo exhibition in London in 20 years. Titled Suspended States, the show looks to explore the many repercussions of colonization, Europe’s imperial history and subsequent endeavours for peace. The compelling artworks delve into key themes such as the enduring legacies of colonialism, spaces […]

Skincare products worth persevering with

As holidays end and the festive glow fades away, many of us find ourselves looking in the mirror and realising that there is a price to pay for the Christmas excesses. Redness, dry skin, and opaque complexion are just a few of the consequences of a couple of weeks of indulging on alcohol, rich foods […]

The arrival of spring

On the first day of spring, we want to say good-bye to neutral and welcome the explosion of colour that comes with the new season. From trees and shrubs to modest wild flowers, this is the time of the pink blooms. Anemones, rubellas, pieris passion, magnolias and cherry trees among many others blossom at this […]

The making of a master

In a studio-workshop at the bottom of her west London garden is a white jeweller’s workbench that was built for Sabine Roemer by her uncle Werner when she was 15 years old and deeply committed to becoming a jeweller. At this bench, she has created framed animal artworks for Nelson Mandela, the Prince of Wales […]

A world’s first in timekeeping

Globetrotters have always faced the problem of adjusting their watches when clocks go forward by an hour on the last Saturday of March. The reason is of course, that only 70 countries in the world do it, so if you are someone who travels across time zones as if they were stopovers in a cruise, […]

The City of Earth

A year after the ancient site of Diriyah was announced as a Giga project in Saudi Arabia, our Editor-in-Chief, Julia Pasarón, speaks to Group CEO, Jerry Inzerillo, about the significance of this unparalleled project for the future of the Kingdom. The birthplace of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the ancestral home to the Al […]

Yoxman returns in 2024

It’s that time of year again for the epicurean treat of Yoxman. Those of you who don’t know what Yoxman is about, read on. Following previous sell out events over the past two years, Yoxman, a one-of-a-kind event promises to deliver a gastronomic four-day treat. Essentially, it’s a long weekend

Creating circularity and ‘second life’ products

As we are seeing such severe changes in climates across the globe, it is time for us to question our consumer and shopping habits. We should look for brands that are creative, sustainable and committed to be positive agents of change in what concerns the future of our planet. Circularity,

In pursuit of the Northern Lights

Since the beginning of human history, the elusive Northern Lights have inspired artists and puzzled scientists in equal measure. As we reach the peak of a solar cycle in 2024, chances of witnessing the spellbinding spectacle of the Aurora Borealis dramatically increase. In this article, our Editor-in-Chief, Julia Pasarón, explains


The best of the Med in the heart of Mayfair

Over the millennia, Gaia, the primordial Greek goddess of all life, mother of the Titans and grandmother of the Olympian gods, has inspirited all sorts of artists, from poets to painters and even the odd philosopher. In this case, she moved Russian hospitality entrepreneur, Evgeny Kuzin and British-Nigerian, Chef Izu

Wines to enjoy and impress this Christmas

A lot of emphasis is put in the food we eat in the festive season. We spend entire evenings looking at cooking books, ordering exotic ingredients in advance and negotiating the murderous environment of supermarkets in the days before Christmas to secure the best and freshest foods for our beloved

French exuberance in the heart of The City

Success goes with caviar as strawberries go with cream, Caribbean sun with piña coladas, and gin with tonic. Caviar House & Prunier, the only caviar retailer in the world that produces its own caviar, have just opened a fully-fledged restaurant in the heart of the City of London. Located within

The French classic Londoners can’t resist

Although a lot has changed in Soho since L’Escargot opened its doors back in 1927, what has remained constant during almost a century is the high quality of the food, the charm of the staff, and the fascination Londoners have felt for it, decade after decade, for nearly a century.



Bicester Village and Collagerie Art Shop support local charities

Christmas shopping can be a daunting experience not suitable for the faint-hearted. Aware of how off-putting the idea of wrestling other shoppers for the last must-have item and queueing at tills can be, Bicester Village invites its customers to a very different experience. In collaboration with Collagerie Art Shop –

Lounging as an art form

Sofas designed to enable the sitter to adopt multiple positions have a long, illustrious pedigree. Charles and Ray Eames’s freeform La Chaise of 1948 allowed the user to sit upright, curl up, recline or sprawl. De Sede’s idiosyncratic yet stylish DS-1025 Terrazza sofa, dreamt up in 1974 by Swiss designer

The most enticing fragrances for the colder months

Smell is one of the most powerful senses. It can create an identity, evoke memories, bring back a forgotten emotion… Most people have a favourite fragrance for the spring-summer and a different one for the colder months of the year, usually heavier and sweeter. Our deputy editor Lavinia Dickson-Robinson asked


Chitra Stern, co-founder, Martinhal Group

Chitra Stern possesses that calm charisma often seen in experienced business leaders. Proud but modest, she plays down the enormity of what she and her husband, Roman, have achieved since they undertook their first real-estate project and hotel in Ireland. “The hotel belonged to my husband’s family,” she explains. “It

Leading leaders

Andrea Scherz comes from a long line of hoteliers. His grandfather took over Gstaad Palace, which, under Andrea’s leadership, is thriving. His talent and ability were first recognised by the industry when he was elected to the board of Swiss Deluxe Hotels. And in January 2022 he was appointed Chairman

Bugatti explores the principles at the heart of luxury

Bugatti’s first Luxury Summit, held at Château Saint Jean in Molsheim (once home to Ettore Bugatti himself) on the 14th of June, was designed to explore trends in luxury – present and future. Guest speakers included experts and CEOs of leading luxury brands, and the compere and host were Rebecca


Quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics (QM) is the study of matter and energy at the microscopic level. QM makes bizarre predictions about how matter works. For example, quantum entanglement occurs when two or more particles become correlated such that measuring the state of one instantaneously affects the state of the other, even if

A physiotherapist’s view on the importance of good posture

With the rise in desk-based jobs and digital dependence, our posture often falls victim to the demands of the workplace. A sedentary lifestyle, prolonged hours hunched over screens and poor sitting positions have led to a significant increase in back and neck problems among working professionals. As an extended-scope practitioner,

A Nutritionist's Guide to Autumn Care

As the crisp autumn air sets in, it’s not just our wardrobe that needs a change; our skin and hair also require extra care and nourishment. As a nutritionist, I’ve witnessed the profound impact that diet can have on our outward appearance. In this article, I’ll explore how to support


Eco-conscious companies turn to beekeeping

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article on the plight of bees, and one of the questions I asked was what people in metropolitan areas such as London could do to promote this cause, so following a chat with our Editor-in-Chief, we decided to do a follow-up piece

The tiny guardians of life on our planet

As a child growing up in New Zealand and running around fields barefoot, bees used to scare me – only because they stung when I accidentally trod on one. Little did I know that these sweet little Anthophila were just going about their daily business of pollinating, ensuring that our

Watches for Eco-Friendly Dads

In the last five years or so, environmental concerns have multiplied exponentially in most industries. Watch brands are no different and alignment with sustainability and eco-friendly practises has become an important concern for many of them. There are three main avenues along which watch firms demonstrate their green credentials. First


Bulgari and Save The Children celebrate their enduring partnership

With the world so often in turmoil, it’s often the children who are the most vulnerable, and that gives even deeper meaning to the long-running partnership between Bulgari and Save The Children. Since 2009, the time-honored Italian jewelry house has stood side-by-side with the children’s charity, and they have chosen

Bicester Village and Collagerie Art Shop support local charities

Christmas shopping can be a daunting experience not suitable for the faint-hearted. Aware of how off-putting the idea of wrestling other shoppers for the last must-have item and queueing at tills can be, Bicester Village invites its customers to a very different experience. In collaboration with Collagerie Art Shop –

The Syrian mermaid singing for the rights of refugees

It is not every day that one meets an Olympic athlete, international political activist, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world, catwalk model and luxury brand ambassador who – just to make your jaw drop even further – achieved all of that by