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Serious Summer fun

A self-confessed convertible lover and not having driven one in quite a long time, I had felt the whole summer that something was amiss. My longing came to an end when I managed to get my hands on a 2023 BMW Z4 M40i.

I’ve always liked the Z4. Its long bonnet, compact “derrière” and wide stance exude sportiness and luxury, but in a quiet way, without the need for prancing horses or raging bulls. Basically, the Z4 was destined to be a classic for lovers of the open road and the (limitless headroom) open roof ever since its first unit rolled off the production line in 2002. Now in its third generation, it looks as relevant and modern as it was all those years back, but with a few cosmetic touches in the form of reshaped fog lights, a new hexagonal pattern in the grille and new air intakes at the front. Apart from that, it is pretty much the same. Well, as they say, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”.

The 2023 BMW Z4 features a few aesthetic changes from the…

Imagination, innovation and the shape of things to come

If it’s the end of August and watches are your passion or profession, then chances are you will be in Geneva. As the nighttime starts to encroach on the day, and the sun’s rays lose a little of their early morning heat, the Swiss city hosts Watch Days as a back-to-school field trip for most. […]

A desert gem

One could say that coachbuilding is to cars what haute couture is to fashion, the creation of exclusive, custom-made pieces developed from conception to completion working hand in hand with the patron. Today, coachbuilding reigns supreme in the world of automotive luxury. Rolls-Royce is leading the way this summer with the delivery of two stunning […]

The spellbinding future of electrification

When a decade ago, the CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Torsten Müller-Ötvös, announced they were working on a fully electric car, the cynics out there wondered if a Rolls-Royce could be a Rolls-Royce without one of their iconic V12 engines. The Spectre proves not only that this was possible but that an electric Rolls-Royce is […]

Parmigiani Fleurier Cultural Calendars

In the late 18th century, the reverend William Paley used the “watchmaker analogy” as proof of the existence of a divine mind that shaped and governed the universe. The argument was that nature could be chaotic, but as it was not, what was observed was a grand design in the solar system and beyond. Like […]

A revolutionary new performance watch

Returning for a second year as the timing partner at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Roger Dubuis celebrated the occasion with the launch of the Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph. A watch based on new research with an openworked dial showing off the proprietary RD780 calibre, which combines an inclined balance wheel with an integrated chronograph […]

A further stept into the future of luxury electrification

When the first EQS launched in 2021, it represented the first all-electric luxury saloon in the Mercedes range, although the German manufacturer produced its first ever electric car in 1906. As one would expect, the car was simply fab, however you looked at it. From the point of view of design, the EQS was futuristic, […]

The watches that make Gen Z tick

From unexpected drops and collabs to an emergent category of microbrands spearheading innovation, the wild world of watchmaking is alive and well in 2023. And at the forefront of it all is Generation Z, a rising cohort of consumers – all aged under 25 and born between 1997 and 2012 – who are shaking up […]

Jean Arnault sets out his grand design for the horological arm of the legendary luxury maison

Talking about the launch of the new Tambour, at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris this past week, Jean Arnault, Louis Vuitton’s Director of Watches, self-confessed collector and enthusiast, described it as defining “Louis Vuitton watchmaking for the foreseeable future.” It is a radical departure both in design and execution, not just for the new timepiece, […]

A petrolhead's delight

The grassy environs of the Honourable Artillery Company played host to one of the most intriguing collections of automobiles yet assembled by the London Concours in the service of City petrolheads. Presented by Montres Breguet, around 80 cars were on display across eleven classes of competition over three days in what has established itself as […]

Watches for Eco-Friendly Dads

In the last five years or so, environmental concerns have multiplied exponentially in most industries. Watch brands are no different and alignment with sustainability and eco-friendly practises has become an important concern for many of them. There are three main avenues along which watch firms demonstrate their green credentials. First is the co-branding of a […]

Embracing the analogue renaissance

In August 1888, Bertha Benz took her husband’s newly invented motorwagen and drove her two sons from Mannheim to Pforzheim, a distance of around 100km. The age of the motor car had begun, and the pioneer model, the Benz, had only a rudimentary dashboard; it was intended to serve the same purpose as the one […]

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