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The starting point of the “Bentley Boys” era at Le Circuit de la Sarthe

From the three Bentleys that took part in the Le Mans race in 1927, only one, “Bitch”, is still “alive”. Its current owner, Michael Dacre, has been invited by Concours d’Elegance Villa d’Este to enter it in the Dawn of the Performance Age Class A competition. Here we share with you the story of this extraordinary car.


There were three entrants from Bentley Motors at the 1927 Le Mans, affectionately named “Snitch”, “Witch”, and “Bitch”. Around 9.40pm, just as night was settling across the circuit, a back-marker car was pushing to make up time, when it spun at the Maison Blanche (“White House”) chicane approaching the pit straight.

Start of the Le Mans 24 Hours race, 1927. At the time, drivers had to run to their cars as the flag went down.

The two lead Bentleys (Snitch and Bitch) crashed into a ditch while avoiding the stricken car and were out of the race. Other competitors suffered a similar fate and a pile-up resulted. When Sammy Davis arrived in Witch, he found the road completely blocked so rather than hitting the stationary…

As unique as The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is a bucolic picture postcard of fantasy English villages; gilded honey-stone hamlets with verdant greens where the vicar might umpire cricket matches, red telephone boxes, gastro pubs and cutesy cottages Farrow & Balled to within an inch of their life. Which leads us to the long-wheelbase-only top-of-the-Range Rover SV, which is exactly the […]

Liquid Architecture

Frank Gehry’s work, while unconventional, is considered one – if not the most – recognisable architect of our time. As a child, Gehry occupied much of his time experimenting with different materials in his grandfather’s hardware store, with his grandmother consistently encouraging his artistic leanings. He then spent his formative years putting himself through architecture […]

Hardcore beauty

Although one could argue that the use of a block of stone as a base on which to read the time goes back a few millennia (think sun clocks), in terms of horology worn on the wrist, it is not until the 1960s that we find dials made of hard minerals. The reasons are simple […]

Storytelling in the horological world

“We always start with the story,” explains Rainer Bernard, director for research and development at Van Cleef & Arpels. “Take our Brise d’Été. We wanted to create a garden in summer morning light with butterflies and delicate flowers moving in the breeze. It’s about poetry. We have to show how the most precious thing we […]

Animated mechanical ingenuity

Automata are one of the most ancient and impressive ways to make a mechanical splash, as 2024’s latest animated wonders show. I-M TIME asked Sam Kessler to tell us more about these marvellous examples of horological creativity. Amongst all the various complications and functions of a fine timepiece, there’s one mechanism that stands apart. Compared […]

A world’s first in timekeeping

Globetrotters have always faced the problem of adjusting their watches when clocks go forward by an hour on the last Saturday of March. The reason is of course, that only 70 countries in the world do it, so if you are someone who travels across time zones as if they were stopovers in a cruise, […]

Every journey is an adventure

Few cars are as immediately recognisable as the Mercedes G-Class. Its tough, retro, boxy appearance – together with its considerable size – give it a road presence that’s difficult to ignore. Inside, the off-roader is as luxurious and comfortable as one would expect of a top-of-the-range Mercedes. All the advances technology provides in terms of […]

Italian in body and soul

Having heard very high praise for the Alfa Romeo Giulia from several of my petrol-head friends, I felt compelled to experience it by myself. After driving it for a few days, I completely understand why. This is a very good looking 4-door saloon both inside and outside, and a thrill to drive. In terms of […]

The transient beauty of flowers

Every spring throughout Japan, busy citizens take time out to enact an age-old tradition: hanami. People flock in droves to parks, walkways, and gardens – wherever sakura (cherry blossom) blooms – to celebrate flowers that symbolise hope and new life. The ancient custom has its roots in the peasant’s belief that the gods of the […]

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of MotoGP

Anybody that is a fan of MotoGP will be more than familiar with the Swiss watch brand Tissot, which has been a partner of the sport since 2001. Over these 25 years, Tissot has created a series of watches that celebrate the excitement of racing and the qualities it requires: precision, passion, power; all of […]

The start of a revolution

When Roger Smith, Mike France and Alistair Audsley founded the Alliance of British Watch and Clock Makers in October 2020, their intention was to champion and represent the interests of British watch and clock makers, nurture the talent and promote the sector around the world. Less than four years later, the association has 93 trade members, 44 of which took part […]