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Time full of magic

What could sound like the start of a joke: “George Bamford, Davide Cerrato and the English brothers walk into a room…” was actually the genesis of something quite magical, the Bremont Bamford Aurora.

Let me give you some background here. Nick and Giles English, founders of Bremont watches, are well-known for their sense of adventure, confidence and self-belief. Basically, they never got a copy of the watch business rulebook. The new CEO of Bremont, Davide Cerrato, knows a thing or two about designing watches. His illustrious career in the sector includes, among many other achievements, the re-launch of Tudor in 2012 and creating the hero 1858 Geosphere model for Montblanc. “Conservatism” is definitely not a word in Cerrato’s vocabulary. He actually changed Bremont’s mantra to “Take it further”. As such, when considering a new iteration of their successful Supermarine diving watch, Cerrato naturally went to George Bamford, who had developed the California dialled S500 Supermarine two years ago; a watch that sold out as quickly as ice-cream on a hot summer day. Supermarine, which in the earlier part of the 20th century…

Piaget dazzles with the release of the Polo 79

It was a symbol of its time, the decade of excess, the 1980s, when financial markets were uncoupled from national dictates, the world was simply not enough, and Wall Street was symbolic of everything the new finance world could offer. Gordon Gecko’s war cry of “Greed is good” was seen as the justification for unshackled […]

The horological world celebrates Chinese New Year

The traditional Chinese calendar is a complex system, developed over millennia, according to astronomical phenomena and calculations of the correlation of the solar and lunar cycles. Typical features of early calendars included the use of the sexagenary cycles based on the rotation of 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches (the animal zodiac signs). At […]

Chronographs to time the annual sleigh ride

You probably know the fateful song, “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, with which Gene Autry topped the US Billboard charts in 1949. It tells the story of how the oddball reindeer with the bright shiny red nose got to lead all the others. The weather was terrible, there was hardly any visibility and Santa realised the […]

Time in the heavens

Back in the 18th century, watchmakers were concerned with making timepieces that would not only measure average solar time – the one we apply in our everyday lives – but also sidereal time, which we use for the celestial map in the heavens, traditionally for navigation purposes. The Récital 20 Astérium (the sky seen from […]

Bespoke luxury at sea

Almost 170 years ago, the oldest shipyard still in operation opened in La Spezia, Italy: Baglietto. The brand, which is synonymous with elegance and luxury, has had a renaissance. New from the brand’s T (for traditional) line is the T52, a hybrid electric-diesel propulsion superyacht, part of the company’s tailor-made production and the most historic […]

Serious Summer fun

A self-confessed convertible lover and not having driven one in quite a long time, I had felt the whole summer that something was amiss. My longing came to an end when I managed to get my hands on a 2023 BMW Z4 M40i. I’ve always liked the Z4. Its long bonnet, compact “derrière” and wide […]

Imagination, innovation and the shape of things to come

If it’s the end of August and watches are your passion or profession, then chances are you will be in Geneva. As the nighttime starts to encroach on the day, and the sun’s rays lose a little of their early morning heat, the Swiss city hosts Watch Days as a back-to-school field trip for most. […]

A desert gem

One could say that coachbuilding is to cars what haute couture is to fashion, the creation of exclusive, custom-made pieces developed from conception to completion working hand in hand with the patron. Today, coachbuilding reigns supreme in the world of automotive luxury. Rolls-Royce is leading the way this summer with the delivery of two stunning […]

The spellbinding future of electrification

When a decade ago, the CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Torsten Müller-Ötvös, announced they were working on a fully electric car, the cynics out there wondered if a Rolls-Royce could be a Rolls-Royce without one of their iconic V12 engines. Spectre proves not only that this was possible but that an electric Rolls-Royce is exactly […]

Parmigiani Fleurier Cultural Calendars

In the late 18th century, the reverend William Paley used the “watchmaker analogy” as proof of the existence of a divine mind that shaped and governed the universe. The argument was that nature could be chaotic, but as it was not, what was observed was a grand design in the solar system and beyond. Like […]

A revolutionary new performance watch

Returning for a second year as the timing partner at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Roger Dubuis celebrated the occasion with the launch of the Excalibur Spider Flyback Chronograph. A watch based on new research with an openworked dial showing off the proprietary RD780 calibre, which combines an inclined balance wheel with an integrated chronograph […]

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