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Adrenaline Junkie Dads

Because life is too short

A term used to describe a person who feels a compulsion to take part in exciting, dangerous, or intense activities, the truth is that adrenaline junkies are more than just chasers of yet another adrenaline rush. They are often the organisers of super fun events for groups of friends, work weekends away and of course, family reunions. Maybe this year, for Father’s Day, you can be the one taking your dad for a rip-roaring, exhilarating experience that he will not forget any time soon.


With their feline looks, Italian pedigree and immediately recognisable engine sound, Maseratis are among the most desirable cars in the world.

The Maserati Driving Experience is an opportunity for drivers to get behind the wheel of one, push it to its limits and enjoy a truly exhilarating day out. Through a series of professionally led courses, the experience is ideal for those with a desire to discover the performance potential of the Maserati range in its natural environment: the racetrack. Half-day courses start from £1,200. Book it HERE.


Held in July in the beautiful grounds of the Goodwood Estate, Festival of Speed is considered the best car show in the planet (I hear this every summer from visitors coming from all corners of the world). From the Red Arrows performing breath-taking acrobatics in the skies over the grounds to furious races on its track with some of the best drivers in the world, Festival of Speed is a dream day for car and motorbike enthusiasts alike. 

Left: Astronaut Tim Peake at the Future Lab Centre. Right: Brazilian racing driver, Bruno Senna.

But petrol heads are not the only ones that will thoroughly enjoy Festival of Speed. At the Future Lab Centre, science geeks and curious minds will be able to discover the latest developments in automotive technology and engineering through a series of dynamic and interactive experiences sure to inspire everyone, from industry enthusiasts to the next generation of scientists, inventors and explorers.

Tickets and packages are available from £60. They sell out quickly so don’t wait and book now HERE.


Fliteboard is the Australian company behind a surfboard powered by an electric turbine and a hydrofoil that has taken the market by storm. It is a modern, fast and ecological board prepared for any aquatic surface. Thanks to the hydrofoil, the board literally flies above water, delivering truly exhilarating experiences with very little risk to your physical integrity. It’s for that reason that it’s recommended for use in calm waters rather than over raging waves.

This toy is controlled via a wireless controller that works with Bluetooth technology and there si an app to pesonalise dozens of 35 parameters and record the activity of the board. In addition, the surfboard itself has different configurations and is available in three models: Fliteboard, Fliteboard Pro and Fliteboard Air. I would recommend you start with the Fliteboard Air, which is the lightest and easiest to use. You can even stand on it without having to move. However if you are a veteran surfer, go for the Pro, with which you can achieve vertiginous speeds.

From Euro12,995. Configure and get yours HERE. To experience before you buy, try one of the Fliteboard schools, such as Cadland Estate, Easy-Riders and Lift Watersports to name but a few


This is one of the most exhilarating things you can do as a family. Dressed in a wetsuit and armed with just a pair of flippers and a board, you are thrown into the Legacy Loop course of rapid waters at a speed that will leave you gasping for air but with the biggest smile on your face you could imagine. The experience lasts 90 minutes, including a safety brief and an activity assessment in the water once you are fully kitted.

You must be 12+ years. Gift vouchers are available. Prices start at £60 per person. Book yours HERE.

Words: Julia Pasarón

Opening picture: Jaxon Matthew Willis, Pexels.

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