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Change candy and bath salts for a little bit of bling

I love Christmas stockings but, after all the anticipation in the build-up to Christmas, I do sometimes feel a little underwhelmed when I discover the usual chocolates and the obligatory tangerine. Instead, wouldn’t it be just wonderful to find some bling? If like me, you’d like to change stocking expectations, I invite you to read here my sparkling stocking filler gift guide, all of them under £400-ish.

I’d like to start with a pair of Myla Verde earrings from Freya Rose, (£125) and her Warrioress Medallion necklace (£145), made from genuine Mother of Pearl shell and, as in boasting three layers of 22ct gold vermeil plating on solid sterling silver.

If you’re looking for “Academy Awards night in Hollywood” kind of bling without breaking the bank, this Butterfly Bamboo Bracelet from KVK73 (£390) is totally on point. Made from brass, rhodium-plated and adorned with round, oval and square-cut zirconia stones in purple, green, turquoise, and white, this is a piece that will turn heads around.

Lalique always works. Its timeless designs feel as contemporary now as they did a century ago. Fabulous examples are these…

The hottest shape of the season among horology’s trendsetters

What do Madonna, Steve McQueen and Brad Pitt have in common? A penchant for square watches, of course. Broad and daring in design, square timepieces have long been adored for their edgy, dressy vibe by some of the most influential luminaries in watchmaking – the aforementioned pop provocateur favouring Cartier’s emblematic Panthère, while the icon […]

The legacy of a timeless icon

Opening on 16th September 2023, the V&A is to stage the first UK exhibition dedicated to the work of French couturière, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, possibly the most influential woman in fashion, ever. She devoted her life to promoting a new kind of elegance based on freedom of movement and revolutionised the world by introducing garments such […]

Royal-inspired jewels with a modern flair

Ever since the House of Harry Winston was founded in New York in 1932, the name has been synonymous with the finest and most sought-after high jewellery in the world. In fact, Mr Winston earned the moniker of “King of Diamonds” and “Rare jeweller of the World”. Maybe part of the reason was his incredible […]

Jewels for a dazzling summer

As early as 150,000 years ago, humans started to wear jewellery. The first we have record of is a necklace made of seashells, found in Morocco. Gold jewellery emerged around 6,000 years ago among cultures such as Meso-America, Mesopotamia, Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, and Ancient Greece and Rome. Gemstones were incorporated by the […]

Memories of a blonde, sassy spy

With her blonde bob and martial arts skills, Purdey was the high-kicking embodiment of a sassy female secret agent in The New Avengers, which hit television screens in 1976 and 1977. Joanna Lumley played the fictional character working for British intelligence, alongside the bowler-hatted Patrick McNee, as Steed, in this television classic. She was a […]

Love as disruption

Unpretentious, transparent, engaging, confident, funny – those are just a few of the words that spring to mind when I reflect on my interview with the fabulous Kyle De’Volle. A true industry insider, De’Volle’s contacts are second to none in the worlds of fashion and celebrity. He has a powerful social-media presence, and has become […]

Mystery girl

Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense, always believed in the theory that the bomb must never go off. “There is no terror in the bang,” he said, “only in the anticipation of it.” Hitchcock would draw in his audience, setting the scene with stark lighting, deep shadows, an enclosed space, an air of intensity, perhaps […]

Redefining femininity

In my job, I get to meet incredible talent from all walks of life, some with iconic status on the world stage, some reasonably known and some completely new, fresh and fearless. Clearly fitting into this last group is designer Sara Nezir. From her atelier in Istanbul, and with only two collections to her name, […]

Ideas for a casual summer

With Father’s Day round the corner, we have taken a few tips from the most stylish celebrity dads around to give you some ideas of what to get for your dad as a present or even better, why not going out shopping with him? It could be a really fun day.  Whether your dad is […]

Circular fashion finally catches on

For lovers of fashion, the advent of online shopping, social media and the relentless pace of new collections and exclusive collaborations has found us bombarded with novelty and temptations we can find difficult to resist. But there is a big and depressing downside to this: a shocking 64 percent of the 32 billion garments produced […]

A bit of new and a lot of vintage as we await for spring

February and March are those months during which one is tired of their winter clothes but most days it is still too cold to go around in full spring outfits. Shopping around for a few new season pieces and digging out some gems from vintage stores, you can put together a fabulous and stylish wardrobe […]

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