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Jewellery Speaks The Language Of The Heart

There is a reason – well, actually many of them – why jewellery is considered an excellent gift for almost any occasion. From a practical point of view, jewellery is durable, versatile, and always comes in pretty packaging. From a more romantic angle, jewellery pieces often become heirlooms that are passed on generation after generation, […]

The Four-Week Challenge

As holidays end and the festive glow fades away, many of us find ourselves looking in the mirror and realising that there is a price to pay for the Christmas excesses. Redness, dry skin, and opaque complexion are just a few of the consequences of a couple of weeks of indulging on alcohol, rich foods […]

Quick And Effective Beauty Fixes

Like with diets, one of the issues about beauty protocols is that they often take some time to show results. While we are all aware that patience is the virtue of the strong, it is reassuring and encouraging when we can see visible improvements from the first session. As such, at I-M Intelligent Magazine, we […]

Shop Till You Drop For Good

Christmas shopping can be a daunting experience not suitable for the faint-hearted. Aware of how off-putting the idea of wrestling other shoppers for the last must-have item and queueing at tills can be, Bicester Village invites its customers to a very different experience. In collaboration with Collagerie Art Shop – the online store and gallery […]

De Sede DS-1025 Terrazza Sofa

Sofas designed to enable the sitter to adopt multiple positions have a long, illustrious pedigree. Charles and Ray Eames’s freeform La Chaise of 1948 allowed the user to sit upright, curl up, recline or sprawl. De Sede’s idiosyncratic yet stylish DS-1025 Terrazza sofa, dreamt up in 1974 by Swiss designer Ubald Klug, offers greater flexibility, […]

Scents Of Winter

Smell is one of the most powerful senses. It can create an identity, evoke memories, bring back a forgotten emotion… Most people have a favourite fragrance for the spring-summer and a different one for the colder months of the year, usually heavier and sweeter. Our deputy editor Lavinia Dickson-Robinson asked perfumer Linda Pilkington, founder of […]

Countdown to Christmas

I find really hard to reach Christmas looking my best. There is always an insane amount of work to shift and events to attend, the pressure of finding the right presents for everyone and amidst all the associated stress, the realisation that, as the calendar gets closer to the 25th, so is the tired look […]

Nourishing Hair and Skin

As the crisp autumn air sets in, it’s not just our wardrobe that needs a change; our skin and hair also require extra care and nourishment. As a nutritionist, I’ve witnessed the profound impact that diet can have on our outward appearance. In this article, I’ll explore how to support your hair and skin during […]

This works

These days, there is almost an infinite number of available spa treatments, all of which promise outstanding results. But unfortunately, very few deliver. Here, we present four very different approaches that really work, and that we feel we can wholeheartedly recommend. 111SKIN NON-SURGICAL LIFT FACIAL The potency of the compounds in all 111Skin products provides […]

Be Sun Safe

The Sun is the giver of life on our planet, but on the flip side of the coin, it can be very dangerous. Excessive sun exposure can lead to cancer, cataracts, damage to the immune system and premature ageing. UVA rays are the weakest, but they cause skin cells to age faster. UVB rays are […]