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In pursuit of the Northern Lights

Since the beginning of human history, the elusive Northern Lights have inspired artists and puzzled scientists in equal measure. As we reach the peak of a solar cycle in 2024, chances of witnessing the spellbinding spectacle of the Aurora Borealis dramatically increase. In this article, our Editor-in-Chief, Julia Pasarón, explains why.

Our sun is just a giant ball of electrically-charged gases. As their molecules move, they generate a magnetic field, which follows a certain pattern of activity over time – on average, around 14 years. We know this as a solar cycle, whose peak occurs in the 11th to 12th year. At its highest point, we hit a solar maximum. This moment is marked by the north and south poles of the Sun switching places – when the direction of the magnetic field flips. The process takes a few months to complete, often bringing with it dramatic spikes in solar flares and storms from the corona (the outermost part of the Sun’s atmosphere). Sunspots are an obvious indicator. Their number has increased recently, and is expected to peak throughout 2024 and 2025.


Quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics (QM) is the study of matter and energy at the microscopic level. QM makes bizarre predictions about how matter works. For example, quantum entanglement occurs when two or more particles become correlated such that measuring the state of one instantaneously affects the state of the other, even if they are separated by vast […]

A physiotherapist’s view on the importance of good posture

With the rise in desk-based jobs and digital dependence, our posture often falls victim to the demands of the workplace. A sedentary lifestyle, prolonged hours hunched over screens and poor sitting positions have led to a significant increase in back and neck problems among working professionals. As an extended-scope practitioner, I am deeply invested in […]

Sandor Ellix Katz is a fermentation revivalist. A self-taught experimentalist, his explorations in fermentation developed out of overlapping interests in cooking, nutrition, and gardening. He is the author of two best-selling books: Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation, which won a James Beard Foundation award in 2013 and the recently published Fermentation as Metaphor.  Miguel Toribio-Mateas is […]

by Graham Jones

The Fermi paradox is one of the most puzzling problems in science. Could solar eclipses have anything to do with it? It took Enrico Fermi, a giant of 20th-century physics, just three words to brutally expose a troubling fact about the universe: where is everybody? Fermi’s question — generally referred to as the Fermi paradox […]

Is the planet spring-cleaning?

British Biologist Sir Peter Brian Medawar defined viruses as “a piece of bad news wrapped in a protein coat.” Many viruses were put at bay in the 20th century by the development of vaccination. Thanks to vaccines, horrible diseases like poliomyelitis, small pox or rubella were eradicated. However, we don’t yet have vaccines against all […]

by Irena Tyshyna

How often did you try to change yourself, your life or the lives of others? By “changing” we always assume “changing for the better.” Practically everybody is striving to be a better person, a better citizen, a better parent, spouse, friend. We also want to have the best children, politicians, lawyers, work colleagues, wives, husbands. […]

by Irena Tyshyna

Mind over matter – this is not just an overused platitude Our mind is emitting radio waves to the outside world in a similar way as a giant broadcasting station. It is the sender and the receiver of electrical waves. This is a continuous process, which operates around the clock, even when we are asleep […]

The Gombessa Expeditions The Gombessa Scientific Expeditions aim at exploring specific phenomena occurring underwater all around the globe.   A naturalistic objective first guides the choice of the mission that will generally offer three major challenges: A scientific enigma at the core of the expedition; a diving challenge, as Laurent Ballesta – leading organizer of […]

By Irena Tyshyna We live in a highly organized Universe – Our Star circles the galaxy centre in a predefined path. The Earth rotates around the Sun with a specific axial tilt, creating seasons. The Moon orbits our planet without fail, with its phases affecting the ocean tides. Baby turtles hatch and sprint towards the […]

By Toscanie Hulett The first thing that springs to mind when we talk about evolution is undoubtedly Darwin’s theory of natural selection. This theory, mostly unrefuted by today’s scientific community, remains the primary reference point when studying the evolution of our species: Homo Sapiens. The definition of evolution currently stands as the change in the […]

Studying the Marine Life of Chilean Patagonia Dr. Vreni Häussermann is a marine zoologist who has spent the last 20 years of her life studying the biodiversity of the Chilean Patagonia aiming at its sustainable use and conservation. Since 2003, she is the Scientific Director of the Huinay Scientific Field Station in Patagonia. Part of […]