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Geno-Physics: A New Era

By Irena Tyshyna

We live in a highly organized Universe – Our Star circles the galaxy centre in a predefined path. The Earth rotates around the Sun with a specific axial tilt, creating seasons. The Moon orbits our planet without fail, with its phases affecting the ocean tides. Baby turtles hatch and sprint towards the sea virtually in unison. Japanese cherries blossom over a specific week once every year, beautifully demonstrating the orderly but transient nature of life.

Almost 90% of matter is organized, with fixed trajectories and stable paths. And yet, we still believe that in the middle of this established and highly organized system that is our Universe, there stands a human being unable to predict or foresee his future, claiming to have no control over the circumstances in which he finds himself. We are still convinced that a life of man is a series of unconnected and unpredictable events.

  • Why do some individuals live healthy, clean lives and yet, still get ill?
  • Why do others abide by the law, go to church and yet, still suffer hardship and misfortune?
  • Why do some gifted people with top university grades struggle to make a living and yet, others become millionaires with minimal formal education?
  • Why are some individuals desperate to become parents and can’t get pregnant, whilst others do everything possible not to and continue having children?
  • Are some born lucky or do we make our own luck?
  • Does the Midas Touch exist?

It is a well-known fact that the majority of our decision-making – between 70% and 90% – is done on the subconscious level. Our subconscious is also where we store all genetically inherited memories, emotions, fears, desires, beliefs, dreams and habits. All of them can be traced back down to the fourth generation. Even if we assume 50 years per generation on average, we are talking about 200 years of inherited information, which gets passed on through our genes. This inherited paradigm of interpreting and seeing life in a certain way, along with the environment in which we live, influences all our decisions today and shapes our tomorrow.

Up until recently there was a widespread belief that our DNA could not be changed. It has now been scientifically proven that we are able to modify our DNA and, therefore, re-write our genetic code, eliminating the destructive and undesirable tendencies in our mentality, consciousness and physical bodies. This can be applied to any individual, as well as any type of community, country and eventually the entire human race.

It is apparent that today we live in the era in which the most significant progress and discoveries will be made in areas linked to the mental and spiritual evolution of a human being. Such discoveries and innovations can only be made through comprehensive understanding and application of a number of cognitive studies. For the past nine years, I have kept my focus on practicing and specializing in Geno-physics, Mental genetics, and Spiritual studies, all of which were distilled into a highly effective training method. Over the years, time and time again, I have witnessed countless success stories and have absolutely no doubt in the high potency of this method, which was originally developed over 50 years ago by Champion Kurt Teutsch, Doctor of Psychology and Physics, and his wife, Joel Marie Teutsch.

According to the authors of the Teutsch IDEAL (Individualised – Directive – Explanatory – Action – Log) Method, every human being resembles the upper stage of a multistage rocket with its pre-programmed travel orbit. This orbit or life trajectory is formed way before the physical birth of an individual. It is set up by a complex of various driving forces, all of which are genetic, physical and spiritual in nature. Just like the upper stage of a rocket, at the time of our birth we are launched into the orbit by the engines of a carrier rocket, which propel us onto a pre-programmed life path. By the time all the lower stage boosters drop off, the upper stage rocket would have established its travel path and the desired final velocity.

The Teutsch IDEAL method is a synthesis of scientific and spiritual studies, which explain our genetic code and how the laws of the universe are applied to human behaviour. This is not just positive thinking or neuro-linguistic programming.

By creating a personalized chart called a genogram, we are able to uncover inherited models of behaviour, thought patterns and predetermined life trajectories, which have been formed and established up to four generations ago. We can then examine strict universal laws that govern our lives and the tapestry of a cause-effect chain. Once we access this detailed understanding and knowledge, we can then proceed with a thorough and effective removal of the most hidden negative driving forces. Only by taking into account all of the above-mentioned elements can we successfully complete and therefore permanently solve so-called mysteries of human activities in medicine, criminology, jurisprudence, sociology, politics, psychology, conflict resolution, pedagogy and many other fields, which to this day, remain unresolved.

During an individual consultation, the practitioner puts together a retraining program to uncover dormant genetic potential and establish a new thinking and behavioural patterns. This helps the client lift the curtain of life’s mysteries that most of us call “luck”, “misfortune” or “fate” and provides him with an orderly, logical and scientifically backed up explanation to any negative and destructive model of behaviour, tendency or condition. Once one has unlocked their code, the socially acceptable carte blanche “Nothing I can do, I was born that way” can no longer pass as a viable excuse.

Author, Irena Tyshyna


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