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Thoughts Matter

by Irena Tyshyna

Mind over matter – this is not just an overused platitude

Our mind is emitting radio waves to the outside world in a similar way as a giant broadcasting station. It is the sender and the receiver of electrical waves. This is a continuous process, which operates around the clock, even when we are asleep or not consciously aware of it.

The only difference between our mind and a broadcasting station is the scale and the reach, for the mind knows no spatiotemporal boundaries and therefore, thoughts can travel through time and space. Thought is power; it is measured at one to two microvolts and travels faster than light. Although electromagnetic waves may not be as strong as those of a large transmitting station, they do, however, have a more profound, longer lasting impact on the outside world. For no building, no light-bulb, no car, no other visible object could come into being without a thought. Thought is an effect of consciousness. It is thoughts that bring all those objects into a physical existence through an invisible thinking process.

Photo © Greg Rakozy.

Through a strong inner belief in a possibility of using gasoline as fuel for a moving vehicle Karl Benz introduced to the world a first automobile and changed our lives forever. Similarly, it is the thought and the inner vision of E. A. Johnson, which was later transformed into a first ever touch screen, that became the catalyst for permanently altering mass consciousness and the way we use technology today. The original automobile was the manifestation of Benz’s consciousness. It was a projection outward, into the environment, of his inner belief, his inner thoughts. As soon as his contemporaries saw or learnt of his invention, i.e. became conscious of it, moving vehicles became widely used. The invisible consciousness preceded the visible result.

In the same way as we became electricity-conscious after the invention of a light-bulb and its wide integration into our daily lives; we became television-conscious, internet-conscious, airplane-conscious. It is worth mentioning that the latter invention by The Wright brothers happened in spite of the ‘conclusive’ evidence that it is impossible to fly in machines heavier than air. Fortunately, The Wrights never paid too much attention to these experts and therefore, their individual consciousness prevailed, producing a physical manifestation of their thoughts and vision. All visible end-product around us is the summary and the crystallisation of two elements: the original consciousness and the thought that produced it into being. The brain or thought waves consist of the same form of micro light or radiation particles found in atoms. All matter, regardless of its solidity and density, is composed of atoms, where the nucleus contains protons and neutrons, and the atom’s outer shell is made up of constantly spinning electrons. As a result, matter must be regarded as a fluid in static vibration.

Photo © Ashley Batz.

Thought is an effect of consciousness, that’s where it originates from. Therefore, consciousness and matter are the same because they consist of the same basic components. This can be beautifully demonstrated with the help of specialised scans, which can capture dreams or photograph intensive thoughts of an individual, for example, visualising a knife. An imagined object then can be clearly seen in the picture just above the individual’s head. Consciousness is the internal antecedent to the external manifestation or human expression. With the same accuracy as Benz’s consciousness produced automobile, we are producing physical manifestation of our inner thoughts every single day.Clear consciousness will generate thoughts directed towards life, love and progress. These thoughts will then create matching visible results, manifesting life, love and progress in our surroundings, our bodies and our relationships. A polluted consciousness will generate thoughts – and, consequently, results – directing us towards death, decay, conflict and distraction, regardless of whether we are aware of them or not.

Lincoln Barnett wrote in his book The Universe and Doctor Einstein:

“The whole objective Universe of matter and energy, atoms and stars, does not exist except as a construction of consciousness, an edifice of symbols shaped by the senses of man.”

We create our own physical reality through the power of thought. We are not what we eat – we are what we think. Critical, differentiated, individual thinking is what drives evolution, progress and quality of life. Individual thought precedes group thought; individual consciousness precedes group consciousness. This serves as stimulus for changing the mass consciousness through the process of cultural cross-pollination. This is the first of a series of articles dedicated to the power and the effect of mind and consciousness.

To quote Stephen Hawking in his The Theory of Everything:

“Then we shall all be able to take part in the discussion of why the universe exists. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason. For then we would know the mind of God.”


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