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Creating circularity and ‘second life’ products

As we are seeing such severe changes in climates across the globe, it is time for us to question our consumer and shopping habits. We should look for brands that are creative, sustainable and committed to be positive agents of change in what concerns the future of our planet.

Circularity, commonly known as a lifecycle approach to sustainability, is gaining momentum among manufacturers worldwide. A circular business model maximises the use of limited natural resources, reduces reliance on the waste economy, and very often, also saves costs. Unlike recycling, the aim of a second life is to circulate products or components in a way that ensures materials are used at their highest value for the longest time possible. It is about extending the life of a specific product through remanufacturing, remodelling and upgrades to create another.

In this article, I present four different examples of companies taking the concept to the next level, enabling consumers to make informed choices about the products they buy and use.


Next time you reach for your morning latte, not only I encourage you to use a…

Eco-conscious companies turn to beekeeping

A couple of months ago, I wrote an article on the plight of bees, and one of the questions I asked was what people in metropolitan areas such as London could do to promote this cause, so following a chat with our Editor-in-Chief, we decided to do a follow-up piece focusing on urban and corporate […]

The tiny guardians of life on our planet

As a child growing up in New Zealand and running around fields barefoot, bees used to scare me – only because they stung when I accidentally trod on one. Little did I know that these sweet little Anthophila were just going about their daily business of pollinating, ensuring that our already fragile ecosystem survived, and […]

Sustainability from Ground to Glass

When someone embarks on choosing a rosé, possibly not much thought is given to the actual making of the wine. Many decisions are based purely on taste; for some, the country of origin is the key; and for others, a historical or perhaps “fashion” element is the deciding factor. Two newly launched rosé wines this […]

Making space for nature

With a career in land management that covers three and a half decades, you’d struggle to find a man who knows and cares more about working with nature than Jake Fiennes. As Director of Conservation at the Holkham Estate in Norfolk, Jake is working with farmers, gamekeepers, gardeners and even visitors to safeguard the integrity […]

Understanding the changing nature of ice

In August 2021, our Adventure Correspondent Hugh Francis Anderson embarked on an audacious journey to recreate a Polar expedition on its centenary, alongside discovering more about the changing Arctic. While researching in the Royal Geographical Society in early 2020, I stumbled across the March 1922 issue of The Geographical Journal, where I found the original […]

By Hugh Francis Anderson

In the north-western tip of Zimbabwe, along a 15km private stretch of the Zambezi River, lies Matetsi Victoria Falls, a luxury safari lodge nestled within the 136,000-acre Matetsi Private Game Reserve. Founded by Sara Gardiner and her family in 2016, the award-winning lodge rests just 40km from Victoria Falls and has become renowned for championing […]

A Masterpiece to Save the King of the Trees

Art for Preventable Extinction (APE) is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to protecting and expanding the natural environment by supporting conservation programs that will help prevent the extinction of the world’s animal species. APE works with globally recognised artists who allow their art to be used for this purpose. On this occasion, APE and the […]

by Julia Pasarón

Not all heroes wear a cape and most prefer to keep their identity anonymous. This is the case of the Alycats, a team of award-winning photographers that regularly donate their time and the fruits of their work to fight illegal hunting and poaching in Africa in support of Singita’s 100-year conservation purpose Uncontrolled hunting and […]

For a very long time, the idea of reintroducing endangered species in captivity back into their wild natural habitats was very often thought an impossible task. Many attempts were made with disappointing and heart-breaking results. The task at hand was, and is, immense. But for John Aspinall, the founder of The Aspinall Foundation and his […]

by Rafael Zuñiga

Wilderness Safaris have been working for almost four decades to protect millions of hectares across seven countries in Africa. They create unforgettable journeys for guests, who enjoy a front row seat in Africa’s awe-inspiring sights as well as encounters with the most majestic animals in the continent. Wilderness Safaris had its origins in Botswana in […]

When we speak about conservation, it is very common that our minds fly to the majestic beasts roaming the plains of Africa or hiding in tropical jungles but the fact of the matter is that in Europe and specifically in Britain, many of our wildlife is threatened and at risk of extinction. It is estimated […]

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