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A story of peacock spiders, seabirds and koalas

The collective actions of animals over millions of years have shaped the planet’s climate to make it habitable for all. Our addiction to fossil fuels has become a smoke screen for this facet of reality. It’s true that humans are the major cause of climate change. However, the solutions aren’t simply about humans engineering new ecosystems. To give humanity the greatest chance of survival, we need to learn why saving wildlife will be critically important too. This is our best and only hope.   


On stage at the New York climate summit this year, Bill Gates said it’s “complete nonsense” to think planting trees can solve climate change.

Naturally, Gates has a lot of people worried. He is a billionaire technocrat from the hardware and software space who holds sway among many nature-deficient and urbanised businesspeople. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, on the other hand, prefers to plant a trillion trees. He thinks he can solve the crisis that way.

Both have some merit but neither will work at scale. Because even tree planting is an engineering solution. It’s not ecologically…

Changing the economics of deforestation

In 2019, I visited northern Peru to travel to an area of rainforest that had, at one time, seemed destined to disappear. I was part of a team supporting a successful conservation project in the Amazon, known as the Alto Mayo REDD+ Project, set up in 2008 by Conservation International and Peru’s National Parks Agency. […]

Creating circularity and ‘second life’ products

As we are seeing such severe changes in climates across the globe, it is time for us to question our consumer and shopping habits. We should look for brands that are creative, sustainable and committed to be positive agents of change in what concerns the future of our planet. Circularity, commonly known as a lifecycle […]

Conservationists of the Future

The measures taken globally to control the propagation of Covid-19 have had a significant negative impact on the conservation efforts in Africa, exacerbated by other factors such as poor governance, poverty, increasing human populations and illegal wildlife trade, continue to drive wildlife declines across the continent. The main source of revenue to support conservation efforts […]

Natural History Museum, London

Launched in 1965, Wildlife Photographer of the Year was a competition held by the BBC’s Animals Magazine, with the hope of providing an incentive for the field of wildlife photography. The Natural History Museum joined forces in 1984 to create the event as it is known today, and they now fully own and run the […]

Sustainability from Ground to Glass

When someone embarks on choosing a rosé, possibly not much thought is given to the actual making of the wine. Many decisions are based purely on taste; for some, the country of origin is the key; and for others, a historical or perhaps “fashion” element is the deciding factor. Two newly launched rosé wines this […]

Making space for nature

With a career in land management that covers three and a half decades, you’d struggle to find a man who knows and cares more about working with nature than Jake Fiennes. As Director of Conservation at the Holkham Estate in Norfolk, Jake is working with farmers, gamekeepers, gardeners and even visitors to safeguard the integrity […]

Understanding the changing nature of ice

In August 2021, our Adventure Correspondent Hugh Francis Anderson embarked on an audacious journey to recreate a Polar expedition on its centenary, alongside discovering more about the changing Arctic. While researching in the Royal Geographical Society in early 2020, I stumbled across the March 1922 issue of The Geographical Journal, where I found the original […]

By Hugh Francis Anderson

In the north-western tip of Zimbabwe, along a 15km private stretch of the Zambezi River, lies Matetsi Victoria Falls, a luxury safari lodge nestled within the 136,000-acre Matetsi Private Game Reserve. Founded by Sara Gardiner and her family in 2016, the award-winning lodge rests just 40km from Victoria Falls and has become renowned for championing […]

A Masterpiece to Save the King of the Trees

Art for Preventable Extinction (APE) is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to protecting and expanding the natural environment by supporting conservation programs that will help prevent the extinction of the world’s animal species. APE works with globally recognised artists who allow their art to be used for this purpose. On this occasion, APE and the […]

by Julia Pasarón

Not all heroes wear a cape and most prefer to keep their identity anonymous. This is the case of the Alycats, a team of award-winning photographers that regularly donate their time and the fruits of their work to fight illegal hunting and poaching in Africa in support of Singita’s 100-year conservation purpose Uncontrolled hunting and […]

For a very long time, the idea of reintroducing endangered species in captivity back into their wild natural habitats was very often thought an impossible task. Many attempts were made with disappointing and heart-breaking results. The task at hand was, and is, immense. But for John Aspinall, the founder of The Aspinall Foundation and his […]