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A summer of sport in Kitzbühel

Outdoor pursuits in the heart of the Tyrol

Although most people associated Kitzbühel with skiing, this beautiful medieval town in the Tyrol is as exciting in summer as it is in winter. Amidst its stunning alpine backdrop, Kitzbühel bustles with all kinds of outdoor activities, that allow visitors to feeling invigorated by sport amidst the natural beauty of the area. Here we bring you the exciting sporting events taking place in Kitzbühel this season.


There are few things that I find more exciting than a classic car rally, and the one in Kitzbühel, running across the spectacular mountain landscapes surrounding it, is difficult to beat. Maybe that’s why every year, it attracts petrol heads from all over the world, eager to conquer the 600 km of challenging roads and be the first ones to cross the finishing line.

Lovers of classic cars will think Christmas has come early at the Kitzbüheler Alpenrallye.

As only vehicles dating back to before 1975 can take part, this is a great opportunity to admire cars from both the pre and post-war periods, including rare models from marques as prestigious as Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Jaguar, Mercedes and Rolls Royce. More details about the Kitzbüheler Alpenrallye, HERE.

KITZBÜHEL TRIATHLON, 14th – 16th June 2024

This summer will see the return of the annual triathlon in Kitzbühel, where top European athletes will compete for medals in the Gamsstadt. The annual triathlon weekend will take place at the Schwarzsee, the postcard pretty mirror-like lake two kilometres west of Kitzbühel. This year, the programme includes a Europe Triathlon Cup. For the elite sportsmen, the triathlon weekend starts on Friday with the qualification race. There are also competitions for amateur athletes, such as the team/company triathlon. Children can join in the fun with the KitzTRIGames, the youth triathlon. With over 400 participants expected, I’d dare say the kids are taking over!

The stunning Schwarzsee lake hosts the swimming challenges part of the Kitzbühel Triathlon.

The final races will take place on Saturday. With 23 nations across Europe competing, as well as triathletes from Australia, Canada, Japan, the USA, and New Zealand, this is set to be an action-packed weekend. More information about the Kitzbühel Triathlon, HERE.

 21ST EDITION KITZBÜHEL GOLF FESTIVAL, 23rd– 30th June 2024 There are few places where one can play golf surrounded by such beautiful landscapes. In a festival that lasts a whole week, golf enthusiasts at Kitzbühel can fill their boots (well, golf shoes in this case) at any of the four local courses and their stomachs every evening as award-winning chefs will prepare the most sumptuous dishes accompanied by wines from the best Austrian winemakers. Basically, this is a golf tournament for sybarite spirits.

Test your endurance as much as your golf skills at “Golf the Streif”, where participants are challenged to conquer one of the most difficult downhill courses in the world.

That said, you’ll need to keep fit and not overdo it the night before if you are to take part in the thrilling “Golf the Streif” on 27th June. This unique contest consists of conquering the world’s most difficult downhill course with a golf club instead of skis. The event is growing in popularity every year with participants coming from all corners of the world. In this edition, there will be special scores at the Seidlalm Lake – “Nearest to the Pin” and in the finishing shot – “Longest Drive on the Streif”. Learn more about the Kitzbühel Golf Festival, HERE.


With a total distance of 216 km, and reaching an altitude of 4,600 metres, the Kitzbühel cycling marathon is a challenge for even the most experienced of cyclists. It is for this reason that in this, its fourth year, a second ending has been added so riders can choose to finish at the Kitzbüheler Vorderstadt and avoid the Kitzbühel Horn.

The Kitzbühel cycling marathon will test both your resilience and your strategy, as the course requires as much planning as it does leg muscles.

Although this is possibly one of the toughest mountain climbs to take on, the route is worth it. Highlights include amazing views of the Großvenediger (the main peak in the Hohe Tauern mountain range, on the border of Tyrol and Salzburg), the Krimml Waterfalls and the picturesque Zillertal valley. Further information and registration, HERE.

As you can see, Kitzbühel is as much a beehive of activity in summer as it is in winter. With its unique location in one of the most dazzling parts of the Alps and balmy daytime temperatures, the region is ideal for those who love a bit of action during their holidays.


Words: Julia Pasarón

Leading image © Kitzbühel Tourismus / Thomas Griesbeck

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