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Jewellery Speaks The Language Of The Heart

Gifts for St. Valentine’s that will hit the spot

There is a reason – well, actually many of them – why jewellery is considered an excellent gift for almost any occasion. From a practical point of view, jewellery is durable, versatile, and always comes in pretty packaging. From a more romantic angle, jewellery pieces often become heirlooms that are passed on generation after generation, a way to be remembered – one never forgets who has gifted them jewellery – and it is often selected to mark important moments in life: engagements, marriages, graduation… Historically, jewellery was seen as a way to express love, passion and commitment long before the tradition of St. Valentine’s was established, as far back as Neanderthal times.

And it is not only women who appreciate a bit of bling. Throughout history, men have been as fond of it as women, often to reflect power and wealth. These days, men are increasingly venturing again into the world of jewels. Harry Styles, Drake, Zac Efron and Chris Hemsworth are just a few examples of men who are bringing jewellery to the forefront of masculine style.

Graff Love Knott Cufflinks in 18kt rose gold (£8,100)

The most traditional man may consider cufflinks as far as he is comfortable to go with jewellery. If your loved one fits this description, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Graff Love Knot Cufflinks, set in 18kt polished rose gold. They feature a double knot, a motif symbolic of an unbreakable bond, and fasten with a classic whale-back closure. They are a great present for a woman too. Personally, I am quite partial to a set of nice cufflinks and have my one little collection.

Louis Vuitton Les Gaston Vuitton Designer Pendant (£7,350) and Puzzle Ring (£3,900) both in 18kt yellow gold and titanium.

Completely blurring gender lines, Les Gastons Vuitton collection is inspired by the creative spirit of Gaston-Louis Vuitton, whose designs feel as contemporary today as they did 170 years ago. Because of their versatility, I am picking the Designer Pendant in 18kt yellow gold and titanium and the Puzzle Ring, also in 18kt yellow gold and titanium. The new blue colour introduced to the Louis Vuitton palette, has been developed using titanium, a material known for its strength and lightness. Inspired by denim, these pieces are easy to wear and look as great with a pair of jeans as they do with a suit or an evening outfit.

FOPE Souls Flex’it rings are available in white, yellow, or rose gold, and each of them is set with a single precious stone chosen for its symbolism. Prices start at £990.

Representing all forms of love, the FOPE Soul rings collection comprises 18kt gold Flex’it rings, a method unique to FOPE that produces a flexible gold mesh chain. This means that the rings are very comfortable and can be worn in different fingers. They are set with a single precious gem with a special meaning: containing a specific meaning: a white diamond symbolises eternity; a black diamond, distinction, an emerald, rebirth, a ruby, passion and a blue sapphire, wisdom, while a pink sapphire represents forgiveness.

Harry Winston’s Lily Cluster Pendant in 18kt yellow gold and diamonds weighing a total of approximately 0.68 carats.

A classic among classics, Harry Winston’s Lily Cluster Pendant in 18kt yellow gold features one marquise and 45 round brilliant diamonds (approx. 0.68ct). The design is inspired by original sketches from the 1940s, which recall the elegance of blooming lilies. The precious metal is shaped as interlacing petals, while the perfectly cut diamonds refract the light from all angles as morning dew would do on opening flowers.

VRAI presents multiple options to impress your beloved, from Tennis Bracelets (£5,052) and Necklaces (£9,794) to Eternity Bands (£2,888), Double Row Bangles (£6,392) and Drop Earrings (£4,124).

Drawing from the classic combination of white gold and diamonds, VRAI brings us multiple choices with which to impress the object of our deepest affection, especially if they are particularly eco-conscious. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings all feature lab diamonds, which are physically identical to mined diamonds and are certified by the same standards. Many lab-grown diamonds are made in foundries which rely on fossil fuels for energy and as such, their carbon footprint can be as large as those from a traditional mine. In contrast, VRAI’s come from a zero-emission foundry and are sustainably grown.

With so many options, we hope that you’ll find the perfect piece with which to surprise and delighted your beloved.

Words: Julia Pasarón

Opening image: Christine Sponchia, Pixabay.

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