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Quick And Effective Beauty Fixes

Treatments that show results from the first session

Like with diets, one of the issues about beauty protocols is that they often take some time to show results. While we are all aware that patience is the virtue of the strong, it is reassuring and encouraging when we can see visible improvements from the first session. As such, at I-M Intelligent Magazine, we have been researching what is available out there and bring you here four treatments, all tried and tested by members of our team, which delivered results from the very first session.


Despite its tongue-twisting name, Rejuvology is a beauty protocol that relies in very simple principles. Anchored on the power of massage to stimulate circulation, lymphatic drainage and muscle elasticity, Rejuvology goes back to basics, without the need for any machines or injectables, just the therapist’s hands and massage oils. Over 20 years of clinical practice and studies, founder Abigail James has crafted a unique facial rejuvenation technique, drawing from ancient and modern therapies, that transcends the boundaries of traditional treatments. Abigail skilfully works head, neck, and face, to revive facial contour and support emotional well-being.

Rejuvology massage works on the skin, fascia, nervous, muscular, circulatory and lymphatic systems and helps to balance the flow of the body’s energy.

After just one 60-minute session, we noticed a palpable improvement in the plumpness and suppleness of the skin, relaxation of tension lines, a dazzling glow and an evident lift of the bottom half of the face.

Abigail suggests an initial course of 4-6 treatments, a couple of weeks from each other, to achieve optimum results, which include, but are not limited to, increased suppleness, tightness on the face contour, lifting, reduced puffiness, softening of facial lines and, at an emotional level, better sleep, reduced anxiety and stress, and an increase in energy. For maintenance, Abigail recommends a monthly session. You can learn more about Rejuvology and make a booking HERE.


Developed by Sharon Hilditch MBE, the founder of Crystal Clear Skincare, Skinstorm is an all-in-one facial starring dissolvable pure oxygen and cryotherapy. It consists of six steps and takes less than 90 minutes and is completely painless. The treatment starts with the Hurricane Oxy Ice Cleanse, to lift dirt and dead cells, as well as kill bacteria. The second focuses on resurfacing and healing, using a unique microdermabrasion technique combined with light therapy to improve skin texture and reduce pigmentation, scarring and acne.

Step 3: Oxy Ice Peel & Oxy Blast, the only peel in the market that combines dissolved oxygen and cryo temperatures to destress the skin and protect against any irritation.

The Oxy Ice Peel and Anti-Acne Bacterialization Peel follows, which leaves the skin refreshed and congestion-free, ready for a micro-needling roller, that pushes chilled serum with dissolvable oxygen into the skin. The micro-injuries created by the roller encourage fibroblasts to produce collagen, whilst their patented Hylo-Filler drone serum hydrates and plumps the skin.

The fifth step is like a filler – minus the needle and the pain – reducing crow’s feet, sagging skin and giving your lips a significant boost. It works by delivering hyaluronic acid and their patented F10 at high pressure to add extra “bounce” to your skin. Last, Tri-Fusion Light Therapy; using red, blue and near-infrared light helps the skin to heal, kill bacteria and reduce pigmentation, all factors that contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin. The cold mask that is applied before going under the lamp, leaves the skin refreshed and with no signs of redness or inflammation whatsoever.

In an ideal world, you’d do a Skinstorm facial every month, but the results are so amazing and lasting, that we’d dare say that, unless you have an acute issue with your skin, one every two months would be enough to uphold the benefits. More information and bookings HERE.


Developed by Dr Rita Rakus, known in London as the “lip queen”, Thermage FLX is a treatment that uses radiofrequency (RF) to reach the deepest layers of the skin with targeted pulses of energy. The heat from RF stimulates the production of collagen, which in turn, tightens and plumps the skin. It can be used in both face and body. On this occasion, we focused on the lip, as this is a completely new use of Thermage FLX and one that works a treat. The lips are one of the parts of our anatomy that first suffer loss of collagen and fat as we age (as early as 25). As a result, they kind of “implode” inwards, look thinner and fine lines start to appear.

“By using Thermage FLX on the mouth area, we can lift and tighten the skin above the cupid’s bow to add volume and tighten, smooth, and plump the skin on the lips.”


         –  Dr Rita Rakus

The treatment takes less than 30 minutes and there is no pain at all, just a feeling of warmth and, on occasion, very localised heat. There isn’t any redness or inflammation either, which means no downtime at all. You’ll notice an immediate lift of your upper lip and it will look and feel plumper, without the pneumatic effect of many fillers. The effect is actually extremely natural, and one treatment is enough for a long time.

Thermage FLX is a favourite among celebrities, including Karren Brady, Gwyneth Paltrow, and even boxer Floyd Mayweather. More information and details on how to make an appointment with Dr Rita Rakus, HERE.


Launched in 2020, Morpheus8 also uses RF to a depth of 8mm through 40 micro-needles and can be used in both face and body. In 2023, they released a new body applicator for the 3D upgrade, which helps provide a more homogeneous treatment.

It works by delivering three incremental depths of penetration radiofrequency waves, aiming to reinforce the structural matrix of the dermis and subdermal adipose tissue, at the same time it encourages the production of new collagen. As the needles are gold plated – which provides insulation – all the energy goes to the targeted areas, in our case, the lower tummy.

Although the results are more noticeable after a few weeks, improvements can be appreciated immediately after the first session with Morpheus 8 3D, especially an increased tightness of the skin.

This remodelling treatment is very efficient. A few days after the first session, we could see an increased tightness of the skin of the tummy, which continued to improve over the next couple of weeks, also revealing a smoother appearance. If you are looking at getting rid of some localised fat though, you’ll have to wait until at least the second session to appreciate the difference.

A course of three sessions is the minimum recommended and we would also advise you to do so, as otherwise you may be disappointed. The treatment is painful and, although local anaesthetic is given, you must be prepared to feel very sore and have the treated area red and with the marks of the micro-needles for several days. That said, Morpheus8 3D is very safe and a favourite among aesthetic clinicians worldwide.

Morpheus8 3D is available at many clinics and beauty practises. Make sure that there is a qualified clinician where you go, otherwise, they won’t be able to apply local anaesthetic. I-M Intelligent Magazine visited Ambra Clinic, in North London, led by Dr Maryam McMillan. More information and bookings HERE.

Words: Julia Pasarón

Opening image: © Antoni Shkraba

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