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Superyacht T52 by Baglietto

Bespoke luxury at sea

Almost 170 years ago, the oldest shipyard still in operation opened in La Spezia, Italy: Baglietto. The brand, which is synonymous with elegance and luxury, has had a renaissance.

New from the brand’s T (for traditional) line is the T52, a hybrid electric-diesel propulsion superyacht, part of the company’s tailor-made production and the most historic range. Designed by Francesco Paszkowski, the vessel is the first with hybrid propulsion: the use of two (or more) energy sources to power a yacht, with the traditional engine source being supplemented by another source. This creates emissions-free sailing at the switch of a button. One of the T52’s USPs is that it can enter areas where conventional yachts are not allowed, such as wildlife and marine sanctuaries. The hybrid propulsion system allows the owner to choose a more efficient cruising mode, curbing both consumption and environmental impact.

With its hybrid propulsion, the T52 marks the commitment of Baglietto to a journey of sustainability.

The number 52 refers to its length, and the T Line is also available in a 60-metre model. The newest creations embrace a restyled, revisited, modern form and provide the customer with endless possibilities to tailor the interior and exterior. However, what is perhaps most unique about this superyacht is the level of customisation it affords. Personalisation is key to the brand – which is dedicated to delivering a small number of bespoke yachts – and the relationship between the shipyard and the client lies at the heart of the creative process. Clients might choose longer decks, open galley areas, sun-pads, swim platforms, hot tubs and entertainment spaces; there’s even the option of a large concealable pool that extends the deck area when it’s not being used.

In the interiors, a palette of light colours and natural materials have been used throughout, including teak for the floors and leather for the furniture.

The interior is a collaboration between Paszkowski and Italian architect Margherita Casprini, a marine architect who specialises in yacht interior design. Classic materials are used to obtain an elegant, linear style, with modern touches of furniture – many of them custom pieces.

The T range represents more than an opportunity to own a customised piece of traditional nautical craftmanship; it is also a collaboration of creative expression between clients and designers. The T52 can become a true reflection of the owner and their lifestyle. Eight more T52s are currently under construction, and potential clients will need to be quick – the first deliveries are set for 2026. Happy sailing.


Words: Linda Hunting

Photos: © Maurizio Paradisi

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