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Rolls-Royce Cullinan II

Super-luxury travel takes the next step

When the Cullinan was first introduced back in 2018, Torsten Müller Ötvös, then CEO of the company, stated,”Cullinan dramatically evolves the parameters of super-luxury travel. It is effortless, everywhere.” The high sided, imposing car, was developed mainly at the request of modern-day clients who wanted an all-capability car to drive themselves. Soon, the elegant SUV became Rolls-Royce’s best seller, so an upgrade was bound to happen. Cullinan II takes the mantra, the previous design and performance of the original Cullinan and takes it to even greater heights of excellence.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan II in Twilight Purple, showing the new front exterior with L-shaped LED light strips, reshaped grille, and slanted air intakes.

Cullinan II was unveiled in Ibiza this month (June 2024). An ideal place to launch a model that should be prepared to cope with all kinds of terrain – from highways to dirt tracks, from steep craggy hills to the beachside – while keeping its inhabitants safely insulated from the outside conditions. It is a car that sits beautifully steady on the road, where driving is an imperious, hushed experience. Rolls-Royce has redeveloped the drive so there is improved weighting, control and smoothness to every component. However, the new SUV is also about bespoke, with more client choices available than ever before.

Anyone who sits behind the steering wheel of a Rolls-Royce expects the finest in automotive engineering, and Cullinan II delivers without exception. The changes over the previous version have been subtle, but telling. It is still the tall vehicle it was before, but as Juliane Blasi, Head of Exterior Design explains, “Now shows an improved, distinctive verticality in a dynamic form”. She spoke of being able to define the shape of the car in three pen strokes. Juliane demonstrated how the new SUV has flowing front to rear lines, emphasised by a single hull line that runs the length of the body.

The newly redesigned flowing lines of Cullinan II, with the high-gloss finish rear bumper, polished stainless steel elements around the exhaust, and seven-spoke 23-inch wheels.

Other improvements to the look include a front iconic Pantheon grille that is now illuminated, and new L-shaped LED strips that accentuate the line of the rectangular headlamps. The front bumper has been reworked with slanted air intakes creating a “V” shape. The rear bumper gets a high-gloss finish. Polished stainless-steel elements around the exhaust and brushed stainless-steel protective plates finish the look.

There are now seven-spoke 23-inch wheels, milled from a single billet of aluminium, with a new Emperador truffle finish intended to give off a subtle shimmer, created by infusing lacquer with glass particles. Or, if the client wishes, a completely polished finish that creates a dazzling light effect when the Cullinan II is on the move. The new larger diameter wheels add an improved proportional grace to its appearance.

Interior showing the full-width glass panel incorporating the instruments and infotainment touchscreen, small clock cabinet with a miniature Spirit of Ecstasy.

In the cabin, Head of Interior Design Christine Franck stressed the importance of real materials. There is now a full-width glass panel incorporating the instruments and infotainment touchscreen, with a new diamond cut pattern on the passenger side, and a small clock cabinet that also contains a miniature Spirit of Ecstasy. To go along with the traditional leather seats – now available in custom dot patterning based on the clouds over Goodwood – there is a new rayon upholstery fabric crafted from bamboo called Duality Twill with a pattern of the two interlinked “R” initials in an abstract interpretation. There are still the traditional analogue driver controls as Rolls-Royce found out that clients prefer to interact on a tactile level with their cars.

Rear seating showing the new Duality Twill rayon upholstery fabric crafted from bamboo with the two interlinked “R” initials in an abstract arrangement.

The drive is majestic. For a car that looks so imposing and distinctive on the road, it has nimble handling and an assured traction on any surface, from motorway to off-road, from sand to tarmac. The car senses all, even your own expectations of where you want to go, aided by the inhouse navigation system with optional head-up display. Under the hood is a twin turbo 6.75-litre V12 that develops 563bhp. The urge is effortless, and at the command of your right foot, it will accelerate from 0-62mph in about five and a half seconds, the top speed is limited to 155mph, and they reckon your fuel consumption will be around 17.0mpg.

The imposing, lion-like front exterior of Rolls-Royce Cullinan II.

Cullinan II delivers the Rolls-Royce distinctive “magic carpet” ride with ease over all terrain. It manages to behave like no other SUV on the road or off the road for that matter; it is smoother, quieter, and more dignified than any other vehicle in its category.

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Words: Andrew Hildreth

Opening image: Rolls-Royce Cullinan II in Twilight Purple on Ibiza, June 2024.

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