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MERCEDES Electric “G”

Every journey is an adventure

Few cars are as immediately recognisable as the Mercedes G-Class. Its tough, retro, boxy appearance – together with its considerable size – give it a road presence that’s difficult to ignore. Inside, the off-roader is as luxurious and comfortable as one would expect of a top-of-the-range Mercedes. All the advances technology provides in terms of multimedia, driving assistance, safety and comfort are available in the G-Class.

The last frontier for Mercedes’ master of cross-country was to become independent of fossil fuel, and now it has. The new Mercedes G is fully electric. Although we have only seen camouflaged prototypes, it’s clear that the car remains faithful to its predecessors in style and shape. Details that form part of the G-Class DNA, including the round headlights, upright windscreen, exterior protective strips, exposed spare wheel and flared wheel arch mouldings are still there.

As with any other member of the G-Class family, the electric model had to pass the “Schöckl” test: scaling the eponymous mountain in Graz, Austria, a total of 336 times, in some of the world’s most demanding driving conditions. 

The G-Electric is built for such challenges. It features a robust, ladder frame with suspension designed for exceptional off-road capabilities – independent at the front with a newly-developed, rigid rear axle. The drivetrain uses a quad-motor system, so each wheel has its own electric unit. There is also a shiftable transmission with low range mode. All this means the G-Electric is spectacularly agile and provides unbelievable torque. The car makes driving on the heaviest terrain look and feel easy. It crawls up everything and anything like a spider. The brain of the car controls the four electric motors to the millimetre. Nothing here is left to chance.

To protect the battery from water and other vulnerable parts of the car from impacts, the G-Electric boasts a strong underbody guard comprising two layers of carbon fibre with shock-absorbing material in-between. The car’s dynamic seat system, which literally hugs you to keep you in place, minimises the jolts that usually accompany extreme terrain. A handlebar on the passenger seat aids stabilisation further.

Complete the Schöckl challenge, and you may want to do a celebratory “donut” – in the G-Electric, you simply press a button and a paddle, and its “G-Turn” feature will spin the car on the spot up to 720 degrees (two full circles). Furthermore, the same system lets the back of the car move in a 90-degree angle, which could come in handy if you get stuck on a narrow road with something blocking your way forward.

With a range of over 460 kilometres (WLTP) and 200kW charging technology (10 to 80 percent in approx. 32 min) the Mercedes Electric-G redefines the concept of adventure journeys for electric vehicles. I, for one, can’t wait to climb behind the wheel.

Prices are yet to be announced, but are expected to sit between the G500 and the AMG G63.


Words: Julia Pasarón

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