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Organic Wines

The right choice to lessen hangovers this summer

As summer rolls in – in Britain quite slowly – barbecues get ready, outdoor furniture dusted off and pubs open their gardens, our consumption of wine goes up a few notches to say the least, and with it, the feared hangovers. By choosing organic wines, not only you are putting less toxins into your body – herbicides, fungicides, mega-purple and high levels of sulphur dioxide among others – but you are also reducing your chances of getting a hangover the morning after.

On the other hand, vineyards that follow organic methods significantly reduce the impact on the soil, are more carbon efficient and contribute to the biodiversity of their regions.

Thankfully, the practise of organic viticulture has grown exponentially over the last decade and now, the consumer is spoilt for choice. Here we share with you a few examples of brilliant wines that you can drink knowing you are contributing to sustainable farming and reducing your chances of getting a killer hangover. As with everything though, moderation is the key word.


I can drink this champagne for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any other time in between. As its name indicates, the brut is the 244th blend since Louis Roederer was founded in 1776. Always following biodynamic methods, the producers work in harmony with nature and the seasons, getting as a reward spectacular wines.

Louis Roederer Collection 244 spent four years in the cellars, a time necessary for the wine to express the subtleties of the unique terroirs its grapes come from.


The wine is complex and well-balanced, with the sweet scent of peaches and pear and a hint of citrus fruit. In the mouth, Collection 244 develops a bit of smokiness and chalkiness, before your palate gets overtaken by a full feeling of freshness, accompanied by joyful tiny bubbles. Don’t be scared about pairing it with food. This brut can take anything you throw at it, from a crispy salad to a fillet steak. Find it at Fortnum & Mason for £51. Available at other retailers and prices.


A fabulous blend of Sauvignon Blanc grapes from seven different vineyards in New Zealand; all of them hand selected and grown in different soils, which contributes to the unique taste and aroma of this vivacious white.

Mahi 2022 is a classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, whose name means  “Your work, your craft” in the indigenous Maori language.



Crispy and refreshing, Mahi is a very well-developed wine with a rainbow of fruity aromas, from mango to berries and citrus, completed with a hint of herbs and pepper. In the mouth if feels creamy and with a lot of texture. This is why for me, Mahi 2022 is a perfect wine for a picnic. Not only it goes well with seafood and salads as you’d expect, but it would also comfortably pair with light cold meats, fish croquettes and savoury pastries. £19.49 from Hay Wines. Also in stock at other retailers.


This is such a beautiful and delicate rosé from a château nestled within a protected site on the coast of Provence. Château Léoube follows biodynamic methods, make all its wines very much in line with everything Carole Bamford (owner of the vineyard) does.

“Nature is the beating heart, the life and soul of everything we do; remaining connected to the earth and working in tandem with its bounty is fundamental to our philosophy.”  

– Carole Bamford

The result is an unusual rosé, which amounts to a bit of a discovery, hence the “Secret” bit in the name. You don’t expect it to have the body it has, or the structure, but it has both in abundance. In the mouth, it feels refreshing but also warm, quizzical but very pleasant. You get citrus and white fruits and at the end, a touch of spice and that tiny bit of saltiness from its proximity to the sea. Call me a heathen, but I paired it with little homemade chocolate cakes and thought it worked beautifully. It will go equally well with a light curry or barbequed meat. Available at Daylesford Organic, at £36. Available at other retailers. Prices may vary.


This is probably the most popular of the Léoube wines and for good reason. Fresh and convivial, Château Léoube 2023 is at the same time powerful and refined, with a complex nose of wild herbs such as fennel and mint.

Facing the sea, the bay of Léoube is an idyllic location where beautifully balanced wines are produced, the result of organic wine-growing that respects the natural ecosystem.

As you take your first sip, you’ll discover an array of ripe fruits and a pinch of pepper that takes you a bit by surprise. Underneath, there is a silky finesse that will delightfully linger in your palate and like with its brother Secret de Léoube, a pinch of saltiness. It retails at Daylesford Organic for £27. At other stockists the prices may vary.


The third rosé in this selection of organic wines and a very serious one. Clos Mireilles 2022 is produced by one of the most prestigious wine makers in the region. Sophisticated, complex and exuberant, with a myriad of fruity notes on the nose, from which peach and apricot stand out. As its creamy texture coats your mouth, you may perceive a hint of cardamom, redcurrant and that saltiness we often find in wines from coastal locations.

The Ott family has been making wines for nearly 130 years, following biodynamic methods that work with nature to best express the unique characteristics of their terroir.

Despite its elegance, Closs Mireilles 2022 is a joyful and bright wine, which will pair with a wide variety of foods, including cheese, which was my choice on this occasion. £42.99 at Waitrose Cellar. Prices may vary at other stockists.


We move from Provence to Ribera de Duero, in northern Spain, and from rosé to red. The Antídoto winery has its organic vineyards at high altitude (1,000 metres), in one of the coolest areas in the region, on sandy and clayey-calcareous soils. For these reasons their wines are quite different to other Ribera de Duero.

Founded by Bertrand Sourdais and David Hernando, Bodegas Antídoto works with local vine-growers, with 776 small plots that compose 110 hectares expanding through 15 villages.

La Hormiga 2021 is elegant and complex, with layered tannins that provide texture, balance and structure to the wine. Its aromas bring to mind blood oranges, berries and fresh herbs. Silky in the mouth and very well balanced, with a long finish. With each sip the wine reveals a bit more of itself, and you’ll find you want a second glass pretty quickly. It will pair sublimely with cure meats, game, cheese and any hearty dishes. Find it at Vinissimus, at £37.55.

I hope that this small selection of organic wines will inspire you whether you are attending a dinner party, organising one or just going for a picnic. And remember, drinking organic wines means drinking better. Cheers!

Words: Julia Pasarón

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