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Louis Roederer Collection 242

The first example of Roederer’s new multi-vintage champagne, Collection 242, is a wine that reveals the power of blending and expresses the direction in which the Maison is taking the brand.

With the creation of Collection, Louis Roederer wants to write a new chapter in the history of Brut Premier, one that invites the consumer to simply have fun rather than be constrained by rules. It is basically an invitation to “drink it as you like it”, may that be from a tulip glass, a flute or a porcelain teacup; at a wedding, a garden party or with a pizza on a Sunday night.

Collection 242 replaces the Maison’s much-loved Brut Premier with the name referring to the youngest vintage in the blend (2017), which happens to be Roederer’s 242nd harvest. With this new wine, the seventh-generation family-owned champagne makers are proving their ambition to keep evolving and moving forward whilst keeping in mind the importance of staying true to their heritage and looking after the environment. In fact, Louis Roederer is quite the pioneer in biodynamic farming, having converted 78-hectares to accommodate production using sustainable methods. Cellar Master Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon stated, “The times we live in, climate change, the importance of practising a sustainable

viticulture that respects the living environment are all factors that have given us the impetus to take the quality of our blends to the next level, allowing ourselves to take a bold and uninhibited approach.”

Louis Roederer owns 240 hectares of vineyards in the very best locations of the champagne region.

Collection 242 is crafted from 34% Perpetual Reserve, 10% oak-aged reserve wines from the 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 vintages, complemented by 56% of the finest wines from the 2017 harvest: the Chardonnays in general and Pinots noirs and Meuniers from the Vallée de la Marne in particular.

Surely you’ll be wondering by now how good Collection 242 is to drink. Well, let me tell you that it is superb. Deep gold in colour, shimmering and vibrant with touches of green and bubbles as delicate as lace dancing around the glass, this is a fresh and mineral champagne that will not disappoint you. The nose is ripe and welcoming, a bit like baked apples, whilst in the palate is smooth and well-rounded – it couldn’t be otherwise being a Louis Roederer – with accents of forest fruits and just the right point of acidity and spice.

Collection 242 was created from the Maison’s Perpetual Reserve and the oak-aged reserve wines, completed by the finest wines from their most recent harvest.

I have to agree with many experts that, if this is their first example of what to expect from Collection, I can’t wait to try 243.

RRP: From £46.79


Words: Julia Pasarón

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