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Sofia Coppola

In Venice, Oscar-winning director Sofia Coppola sat down with Pete Carroll to discuss the inspiration behind her upcoming film Priscilla, and why she was drawn to Priscilla Presley’s life story. Sofia Coppola has always made powerful films that evolve around strong but often isolated and lonely characters whose true personalities and lives are revealed as […]

Nan Goldin: This Will Not End Well

Nan Goldin’s work is not for the faint of heart. The American artist’s raw, intimate photographs began not as an attempt to find recognition or fame, but as a visual diary of her life among her chosen family in Boston, USA, in the early 1970s. For the next 40 years, Goldin continued to chronicle the […]

Zoe Telford

The flame-haired, convivial, and talented British actress Zoe Telford is known for her captivating performances spanning film, television and theatre. When I enquired about her early influences, she charmingly replied, “I went to a lot of local and independent cinemas in my hometown of Norwich and found myself imitating scenes – one of which was […]

Helmut Newton

Now that we live in a world seen more often than not through the lens of a smartphone, it’s hard to know what photographer Helmut Newton, who died in 2004, would make of it all. A new retrospective exhibition in A Coruña, Spain, showcases the works of the provocative photographer, underscoring the genius of his […]


This fast-paced, nail-biting thriller series by Stephen Garrett, the executive producer behind TV series such as Spooks and The Night Manager and director and screenwriter J Blakeson, self-confessed thriller-addict, tells the story of a crew of elite criminals, who, years after going their separate lives, suddenly start being hunted down one by one by a […]

Inspiring Reads

In the same way that in summer I prefer to go for lighter reads that I can drop and pick up anytime or read while also keeping track of the conversation around me, in winter, I like spending some time exploring books with inspiring stories. This time, I have selected four very different books, which […]

Women In Revolt!

In the 1960s and 190s, interconnected networks of women used radical ideas and rebellious methods to make an invaluable contribution to British culture. Women in Revolt! Art, Activism and the Women’s Movement in the UK 1970–1990 pays homage to over 100 feminist artists and collectives living and working in the UK. These women’s creative practice […]

Strategy or chance?

It seems simple enough, backgammon: a board game for two players where the checker-like pieces (referred to as “men”) are moved in contrary fashion around the board, governed by the random roll of the dice. A player wins by removing all their pieces (known as “bearing off”) before their opponent. The game’s outcome is a […]

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Time Machine

The first time I saw a photograph by Hiroshi Sugimoto, I got transfixed by it. It belonged to his Theaters series, haunting, hypnotic, slightly out of this world. I didn’t know then that I was in front of the work of one of the undisputed masters of photography of our time, who still today, at […]

Endless Variations

Very few gallerists know the work of the artists from the so-called School of London as well as Pilar Ordovas, which is probably one of the reasons why she is so unique and successful in the international art scene.   This group of artists, among them Francis Bacon (1909-1992), shared a preoccupation with figurative painting […]