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More Than Skin Deep

You’re looking at the new era of the supercar. At first glance, the McLaren Artura doesn’t look all that different from the rest of the range. Its cab-forward, low-nose, mid-engine shape and dihedral doors are more science-fiction than most four-wheeled status symbols, but these are design tropes McLaren has gently evolved across ten models in […]

Award-Winning Vineyards… in Sussex

Blessed with a cool climate and a fertile limestone and chalk soil similar to the Champagne region of France, Sussex has become the top sparkling wine-producing county in the UK. Award-winning East and West Sussex vineyards, many family-owned, are picking up international awards for their skilful blending of Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir grapes. […]

Women’s Relentless Pursuit of Science

In a white farmhouse in the small town of Granby, Massachusetts, retired schoolteacher Abbie C. E. Lathrop made herself into a scientist. To make an income, Lathrop had started a business breeding fancy mice and selling them as pets; and in the process, she learned how to breed them for specific genetic traits. A self-taught […]

Zenith’s Star Shines Bright!

At first glance, the new Zenith Chronomaster might look like other watches in the market with the same complication, however, despite some aesthetic similarities, there are a number of notable differences that distinguish it as innovative and desirable in its own right. In terms of case and dial design, the new chronograph bares a strong […]

The Future of Luxury
Goods is in the Past

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up nearly every consumer category, influencing new behaviours, stifling some industries, and inspiring growth in others. Emerging trends in the luxury sector suggest extravagance is being usurped by nostalgia and sustainability. Dynamics within the luxury sector are changing. If you’ve found yourself slipping on your father’s vintage watch this year […]

Precious Moments of the Day

Designed to share the lives of modern active women, the Twenty~4 collection by Patek Philippe was launched in 1999 as a timepiece suited to all 24 hours of the day. Ever since they have enamoured women all over the world with their timeless elegance and everyday functionality. As the life of 21st-century women has grown […]

UK LGBT+ History Month

Given the current pandemic situation, we can’t take anything for granted, so I started looking around to see what was available online to keep us and our children busy and stimulated in a new way. “Body, Mind, Spirit” is linked to a National Curriculum subject and is visiting PHSE for a second time. In February […]

The Magic of Marrakesh

For over thirty years Meryanne Loum-Martin has been the style setter of Marrakesh and here she brings all her knowledge, expertise and taste under one roof as she explores and explains the mysteries and magic of Moroccan design traditions. INSIDE MARRAKESH – Enchanting Homes and Gardens – is a stunning compilation of some of the […]


Jaeger-LeCoultre, in association with luxury publisher Assouline, have launched the ultimate volume about one of the most iconic watches in modern history: the Reverso. Richly illustrated with archive images and original photography, the story of the Reverso comes to life thanks to the writing ability of author, historian, journalist and horological specialist Nicholas Foulkes. Although […]


With all the makings of a crime mystery, this was easily the horological story of the year: a watch that has been the subject of scientific endeavour, created by the genius A. L. Breguet, owned by royalty, lost, found, stolen and in the end, the subject of a potential fraudulent liquidation of a museum’s assets […]