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Serious Summer fun

A self-confessed convertible lover and not having driven one in quite a long time, I had felt the whole summer that something was amiss. My longing came to an end when I managed to get my hands on a 2023 BMW Z4 M40i.

I’ve always liked the Z4. Its long bonnet, compact “derrière” and wide stance exude sportiness and luxury, but in a quiet way, without the need for prancing horses or raging bulls. Basically, the Z4 was destined to be a classic for lovers of the open road and the (limitless headroom) open roof ever since its first unit rolled off the production line in 2002. Now in its third generation, it looks as relevant and modern as it was all those years back, but with a few cosmetic touches in the form of reshaped fog lights, a new hexagonal pattern in the grille and new air intakes at the front. Apart from that, it is pretty much the same. Well, as they say, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”.

The 2023 BMW Z4 features a few aesthetic changes from the…

Imagination, innovation and the shape of things to come

If it’s the end of August and watches are your passion or profession, then chances are you will be in Geneva. As the nighttime starts to encroach on the day, and the sun’s rays lose a little of their early morning heat, the Swiss city hosts Watch Days as a back-to-school field trip for most. […]

A desert gem

One could say that coachbuilding is to cars what haute couture is to fashion, the creation of exclusive, custom-made pieces developed from conception to completion working hand in hand with the patron. Today, coachbuilding reigns supreme in the world of automotive luxury. Rolls-Royce is leading the way this summer with the delivery of two stunning […]

The art of futuristic hyper horology

Concepts capture the imagination; it’s that flight of fancy into the future of what might be that is so intuitively appealing. Every so often, in any form of manufacturing, a company produces what it thinks this near-time horizon should look like. This year, it was Roger Dubuis that surprised us all by presenting a concept […]

Lighter, quicker, sexier

In a way, this is all you really need to know about the new McLaren 750S: that it is available as a coupe or a convertible. Top of the class among this summer’s new supercars, the 750S is the result of tons of research, during which McLaren designers and engineers came up with advances in […]

Confessions of an English watch-writer

“So, what have you seen?” was the stock-in-trade small talk, working the hallowed, beige-wash halls of Watches & Wonders (W&W). However, this year, it took less than a morning for, “I’ve only seen the massive queue” to become the stock-in-trade punchline. Unpractised, post-pandemic hiccups in people-processing aside – and with full awareness of how ‘first-world […]

The pitfalls of modern-day formal men’s wristwear

Things used to be simple when it came to dress attire – a dinner suit, traditionally in black and accessorised with a slim, precious metal three-hander just peeping from under a perfectly starched cuff. Not anymore. A cursory glance around the awards’ season red carpets quickly reveals that an old-school penguin suit just won’t cut […]

The gems that stole the show

As one would expect, all kinds of creations, innovations and variations were revealed at Watches & Wonders 2023. New materials, new technologies, new designs… one could not stop taking notes and writing down article ideas while queuing to access Palexpo. At the risk of sounding superficial, I chose this year to focus on jewelled timepieces. […]

Watches that take the plaudits at W&W 2023

Watches & Wonders 2023 has been a great show for the main maisons. Patek Philippe had new versions of the ref. 6300 Grandmaster Chime, Vacheron Constantin produced another wonder in their Cabinotiers series, and Roger Dubuis introduced a new idea into its hyper horology universe with some justification, re-thinking the tourbillon and micro-rotor winding system […]

Naked beauty

There is an art to producing a skeleton watch. The trick is to remove sufficient material to enhance the aesthetics and completely show the inner workings, while still keeping the movement robust enough to function. Take away too much metal from the bridges, for example, and they could deform and damage the performance of the […]

Form und Technik

Launched in 1957, the IWC Ingenieur was always intended as a technical watch, named after engineers for engineers. But it was not until Gérald Genta designed the reference 1832 – released in 1976 – that it took on a modern form. The 1970s were a decade of change in many ways and in terms of […]

Omega Celebrates Women

Although ladies wristwatches date back to the mid 19th century (coincidently, Omega’s founder Louis Brandt started making watches in 1848), it wasn’t really until the early 1900s that women who were not from the upper-classes began to wear watches, which kick-started mass-production and the development of a complete new sector in the industry. By this […]

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