by Cristiana Longarini, VSY Director

    VSY’s declaration of sustainability states: Our corporate governance finds its expression
    in business ethics based on integrating economic choices with the social and natural environment.


    “Doing well by doing the right thing” is now a must and a programme at the same time. As it is increasingly evident from the international agenda and United Nations, our responsibility as a company and as citizens of this planet is to be as far-seeing as possible concerning our surroundings and the great challenges we face: climate change, environmental threats, energy efficiency and the aim of reaching carbon neutrality among many others. World leaders are hard at work on a new development agenda but it’s time we all work together to set up new cultural models. My effort as an entrepreneur and a woman is to pioneer ways to move forward that embrace economic, social and environmental objectives. Sustainable development is a science of complex systems, touching on economic prosperity, social inclusion and cohesion, environmental sustainability and good governance by major social actors, including government and business. It’s a lot to ask for, and there is no shortage of challenges. The stakes are high but it is the most important challenge facing our generation.

    For us at VSY, to exercise this responsibility means to put sustainability at the very centre of our corporate culture. Thus, many important collaborations have been focused on environmental responsibility, the promotion of cultural heritage and the rapid transfer of knowledge as strategic factors of development. This is the mindset that has allowed us to take a fresh look at the ocean and our industry. It has allowed us to accelerate changes in translating shared models on a larger scale and has made possible our contribution to the Blue Solutions. Last year was fundamental for us to the accreditation at the international level. Water evolution is now a Blue Solutions, a United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) global platform. This year we’re going to share the model within the industry. SYBAss and the Mare Forum marine and maritime leaders as a first step.

    Strategic partnerships are the key to success and to create the future of our industrial sector.

    We have been able to make theory and practice meet, creating that special chemistry that blends the high-tech product with the immaterial content it contains and its respect for the common natural heritage. But above all, it has allowed us to embrace a path towards a horizon where global challenges are asking for real changes – even if that means taking completely different routes based on consciousness, intelligence and charted by the heart. These are the only routes that provide a real meaning to our actions and leave a powerful legacy for our future.

    I have always liked what sociologist Ulrich Beck affirmed about the need to have both roots and wings. This is also the story of our work here in order to set the route of VSY towards a future deeply rooted in our history and vocation, calling us to a particular responsibility and to its definition in the world market today. My point of view in the company – as a person and a woman – is that of one who brings deep feeling and great care to the work we do. This attitude springs from the love for our habitat, our relationship with others, respect for knowledge and savoir-faire, but also from an energy that knows how to nurture and promote the work-place, an energy that is vital and transforming, like the mother of all elements, water, and it is as dynamic and deep as the ocean. The vision that nurtures VSY has marine horizons with solid roots in the community. We draw strength from the land and from the sea and in return, we give back opportunities and value. Each one of us here in our individual roles is called to participate in giving this vision a concrete form – and the enthusiasm breathed today at VSY speaks of a future that is, in fact, already here. Sustainability and respect for the environment are two themes which have profound resonance for others who, like us, love the sea and establish pacts that, from the dawn of time, bind the natural elements to the vessels that sail them and the men who plot their personal routes in them. Our sustainability Manager, Vienna Eleuteri was nominated for the ISS Fabien Cousteau Blue Award in 2015 and in 2016 she was appointed Chairwoman of the SYBAss Sustainability Committee.

    VSY’s company policy refers in the first instance to the yacht-owner who, in the execution of his own vessel, finds the answer to his desire to live in harmony with material and immaterial values brought together by the experience of the sea. It is a kind of alchemy that honours the pact of excellence between VSY and the client. Sharing, trust and vision are for us the three key words to overcome the challenges of the market and to speak directly to the heart of those who love nautical culture and its traditions, its myths and rituals, evoking its magic and metaphysics in the creative process.

    Sharing and trust create that dialogue that VSY endeavours to have in every single phase of the project and we aim to be recognized as a yard rooted in responsibility and transparency throughout the entire chain of work; never forgetting that the human being, the yacht and the natural habitat are the protagonists in this unique adventure. From the first steps in the making of one of our yachts, we follow an on-going dialogue between technical matters and deep emotions, with the same philosophy than a craftsman the master of an ancient art. Our yachts are unmistakably recognizable from the bow that ploughs the waves in a harmonious balance of beauty and respect.

    Our green footprint is present in every step of the production line. We collect and rate information, giving it strategic importance, as we are convinced that “green” is not an adjective but a verb – completely in line with the “Ecological Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman. The commitment expressed in our Declaration of Sustainability goes far beyond the system prescribed by certifications, and moves towards a constant research for and the promotion of new models of sustainable management, innovative materials, and good environmental practice.

    The core business of VSY is represented by the stories of men and women who place their bets on the future: stories that would be impossible without passion, courage, intelligence, obstinacy, and loyalty; stories that would be unfeasible without strong links to the community and its environment; stories that are full of dreams, belief and faith in the future. Otherwise, what are wings for?

    Since 2004 the shipyard based in Viareggio has been engaged in building mega-yachts of over 60 metres, and by now we are internationally recognized as builders of the highest calibre.

    VSY combine master craftsmanship and cutting-edge know-how with classic Italian flair and are respected as an ethical construction specialist. Using recyclable materials in build, VSY integrate new innovations in water treatment and emission reduction, green anchoring systems and effective ways of producing performance for minimum energy to push this green initiative forward.

    Winners of prestigious international awards for their yachts, such as the 62 m Sealyon (ex Candyscape II) and RoMa, besides the latest 72m Stella Maris, VSY have also obtained several prizes for their commitment in tracing new routes for the sector. At VSY the best expression of luxury and comfort is in fact achieved in the respect for the marine environment in all fronts, obtain- ing strict and prestigious Certifications. Stella Maris in particular has become “the Godmother of the Environment” and a representative of the global fleet’s advancements in regards to eco-friendly technology and construction methods.

    Currently, the shipyard is building a new 64 m and has presented its family line, in particular the brand new project of 83 meters, with whom VSY interpret their vision of the Explorer yachts’ world.


    About Cristiana Longarini
    Cristiana Longarini is a sensible and sensitive woman, family oriented and with a highly developed sense of ethics, solidarity and welfare. After several years spent abroad, together with her husband, they opted to raise their three beloved daughters in the country, start- ing an organic farm in the fertile Tuscan countryside. Known professionally for her creative, and innovative approach to business, she was called to run VSY shipyard, which she has transformed in a very short time into an ethical construction specialist, leading the sustainability argument in the yacht building industry.
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