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Restoring local flavour to the Milford Haven Waterway

Food is social glue. It connects us across customs and cultures, just as it has Andy Woolmer of Pembrokeshire Oysters and Jonathan Williams at Café Môr. Together, they’re restoring local flavour to the fishing village of Angle. 

I visited them a couple of months ago, to understand why customers drive hundreds of miles to eat here. First, I see Jonathan Williams, one half of the duo I’m here to meet. He is bright and convivial. In minutes, he’s produced tea, coffee and plates of laverbread wraps with cockles and bacon, the whole lot shored up by smoked salmon, roasted peppers and pickled seaweed.  

Next, a pint of prawns arrives, along with Andy Woolmer, the can-do marine biologist putting Angle oysters back on the culinary map. Clouds break over the estuary that a nearby placard describes as “rich soup”. The previous weekend, it helped feed over 400 people courtesy of The Josie June – a former fishing boat reborn as the world’s first solar-powered, mobile seaweed kitchen. It’s recently dropped anchor in the beer garden to our right. Less than a mile away, on the…

Pink bubbles have never been more fashionable

The nation’s love affair with Rosé continues to grow year-on-year. Rosé Champagne is the second largest cuvée type shipped to the UK and has become synonymous with summer. This year in particular, with the much-anticipated film Barbie being released, there seems to be a total craze for all things pink. Victoria Henson, Director of Champagne […]

Exquisite luxury in the heart of London

Over a century ago, two immigrant Armenian brothers opened in Paris their first shop at 18 boulevard de La Tour-Maubourg, selling caviar. A few decades later, they had established themselves as the purveyors of the finest caviar and other Russian specialties, such as Chatka crabs and vodkas. By the 1990s, they had incorporated smoked fish, […]

Pure indulgence in the heart of Mayfair

Caviar Kaspia has returned to London in an elegant townhouse tucked away in the heart of Mayfair that was once the home of the members-only Chess Club. Founded in 1927, the Paris-based caviar institution has been steadily expanding with outposts around the world – from Paris to Los Angeles, and from New York to Dubai […]

The Macallan James Bond 60th Anniversary Collection

Most whisky enthusiasts will know Macallan, however, an appreciation of its long and rich history should also be acknowledged. In 19th-century Scotland, the Crown was steadily increasing the taxes for whisky distillers which eventually drove many of them underground. Illegal distilleries were common, and they were churning out sub-standard variations due to their fear of […]

Dining ideas to celebrate romance

Whilst most of us are only just recovering from the festive season and grateful for a little respite, we suddenly find ourselves having to fight off the onslaught of Hallmark Valentines cards which seem to occupy every inch of shelf space, thus reminding us to start planning! I-M Intelligent Magazine have gathered together a few […]

L'Or de Jean Martell 1715 – Assemblage du Lapin

Founded in 1715, the oldest of the “big four” cognac houses, Maison Martell, is renowned throughout the world for the finesse and elegance of its cognacs. Among their most celebrated expressions is the exceptional L’Or de Jean Martell 1715, a cognac named after the House’s founder Jean Martell, that exemplifies the quintessence of Maison Martell’s […]

Cocktails to dazzle your guests this Christmas

Ever since cocktails became a thing in the roaring 1920s, they have been a symbol of coolness. Actors, artists, socialites, heiresses… the most chic There is something quintessentially chic about cocktails. From the paraphernalia around them – shaker, glasses and garnishes – to how cool one looks drinking one, cocktails have been a symbol of […]

No more mulled wine

It’s that time of year again, when we want to be creative with what we offer our friends and loved ones when they come to visit. There’s the challenge of appealing to everyone’s tastes, not appearing as predictable as pigs in blankets, and seeking out something unique, without being so off-piste in your choices that […]

Possibly the best fusion food in South Africa

Over the last decade, Cape Town has become famous as a gourmet destination with many international names opening an establishment there, maybe encouraged by its cosmopolitan reputation, maybe because of the abundance of glorious produce in the region, including incredible wines. Joining this group of high-dining propositions we find the internationally renowned Nobu, which has […]

The Champagne Maison reveals its very own seven-year itch

“I drink Champagne when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company, I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I’m not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise, I never touch it – unless I’m thirsty.” Who doesn’t know Madame Lily Bollinger’s well-worn […]

16, Albemarle St, London W1S 4HW

Mayfair is well known for having some of the best restaurants in Europe speckled all over its streets, in between luxury fashion, watches and jewellery boutiques. One of these gastronomical treasures is Bar des Prés, which may sound familiar as the original restaurant, located in Paris, became famous for serving only raw food. The London […]

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