David Crickmore, Global CEO of Amouage

    Present in 66 countries around the world, and sold only in the most exclusive retailers and department stores, Amouage is famous for its luxury perfumes made of the rarest and more exquisite ingredients from all over the world. Its Global CEO, Mr. David Crickmore, shares with us the passion and dedication behind this classic brand.


    Q: How does one shop for perfume? What is the process to find one’s perfect scent? Or can there be more than one perfect scent? 

    A: The only answer is trial and error; the recreation of memories perhaps, as well as the appreciation of the people around you.

    Q: To what sort of customer does Amouage speak? 

    A: The brand speaks to a consumer who
    is confident, who loves complex, unusual fragrances and who is prepared to stand up and be counted.

    Q: What are the brand’s fundamentals? How would you describe its DNA? 

    A: The quality of our product and the creative integrity are absolute fundamentals that will never change. Amouage’s DNA is made of the complex and unique juxtaposition of unusual and rare ingredients, created by our Creative Director, Christopher Chong, which encapsulates our mission to present the essence of real perfume creation to the world. Our fragrances deliberately sing their own song and are unique because we do not pursue trend; we rather prefer making our own direction. The attention to detail and the creativity expressed, across all our products, are the secrets to our success.

    © David Brook

    Q: Christopher Chong is recognised as the creative genius behind the rejuvenation of Amouage. How has his vision and drive changed over time? 

    A: You will have to ask him that question (smile), but I can say that I have noticed a growing confidence to try new, successful combinations of surprising ingredients and to create some of his own accords with the perfumers with whom he works.

    The vision remains the same as we decided 10 years ago when Christopher began, but of course, over time it develops and grows. His drive and passion for the business and for Amouage remain as rich as ever.


    Q: How does Amouage provide for different tastes, from young to old, male and female? 

    A: All brands have a focused target audience and we are no different. We do not seek to be all things to all men, since we

    know that our level of sophisticated creativity will not suit every consumer worldwide, especially those who are used to buying mass prestige, -very light, short lasting fragrances; and we never use consumer focus groups to test a product before we launch it. We set out our stall and are delighted that we have many loyal followers around the world who share our taste and vision and who buy into the brand as a result. Our fragrances have a certain depth and staying power that only those who are prepared and who have the confidence to make their own statement, will wear.

    © David Brook

    Q: These days, luxury has more of a conscience, more mindfulness than ever. Do you see this as a dichotomy, or are they complementary? 

    A: Mindful Luxury means that the “I have bought, therefore I am” culture of recent decades has changed into consumers want- ing to experience serious interaction with a brand and to share their feelings about it.

    Of course, we have to live with the reality that social media exists, but we believe that, for the consumer, finding and experiencing a personal truth is far more valuable than telling the world that you are the coolest person and have the most expensive things, the most beautiful house, etc. We seek to develop an Amouage community online that celebrates love, hope and happiness; not one that brags about what it owns or how much it spends, or how many followers it has.

    Amouage is all about creating a product that makes someone feel good about him or herself, or even one which brightens their day, since perfume is a product that can lift the spirits and change a mood. It’s about integrity, loyalty, self- empowerment and a feel-good experience.


    Our fragrances deliberately sing their own song and are unique because we do not pursue trends…


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