Ever since they bought the rights to the Seven from Chapman in 1973, Caterham has been delighting us with lightweight two-seater sports cars that are on the shopping list of any serious petrol-head. 

    So far, the Surrey-based manufacturer has brought to market eight models, the latest of which, the Super Seven 1600 takes inspiration from the original Super Sevens and the original Caterhams from the ‘70s, with just a few contemporary touches thrown in to improve the driving feel and performance.

    Caterham cars are about exhilarating driving experiences and fun, both of which are provided in bucket loads by the Super Seven 1600, designed to reflect the joy and allure of motoring in the decade of Charlie’s Angels, minus the drawbacks of the technology of that time.

    Caterham cars are about exhilarating driving experiences and fun.

    Boasting a 1.6 Ford Sigma unit with Twin 40s throttle-body upgrades, polished finishes, flared front wings and SMITHS dials, the newest member of the Caterham family promises to be a thrilling and glamorous drive. The retro experience continues in the interior with a timelessly elegant wooden-rimmed steering wheel and classically tailored leather upholstery. It’s not just the car’s looks that hark back to the ‘70s, the Super Seven 1600 includes DCOE throttle body injection, found on any self-respecting rally car of the era.

    The Super Seven 1600 boasts a 1.6 Ford Sigma unit with Twin 40s throttle-body upgrades.

    Bespoke options include a choice of Seven heritage paint and leather finishes and = wheels and headlight bowls can be specified in a wide range of colours.

    The retro touches in the Super Seven 1600 reminisce on the glam of a bygone era.

    With prices starting at £33,495 for a car in component form, the 135bhp, five-speed 1600 fits perfectly into Caterham’s existing heritage line of products as a permanent addition alongside the wildly popular limited-edition Sprint and Super Sprint models launched in 2016 and 2017 respectively. This is the most powerful Super Seven ever built, delivering what the original was designed to offer: a focus on driving feel and individuality, a ticket to driving adventures like no others. As someone recently said to me, “The Seven doesn’t so much shout fun at you as grab you by the lapels and screams it in your face.” I couldn’t have put it better myself. Buckle up, you are about to have the ride of your life.

    A word of advice: Check the weather forecast before you set off.

    Words: Julia Pasarón

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