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Leading leaders

Andrea Scherz comes from a long line of hoteliers. His grandfather took over Gstaad Palace, which, under Andrea’s leadership, is thriving. His talent and ability were first recognised by the industry when he was elected to the board of Swiss Deluxe Hotels. And in January 2022 he was appointed Chairman of the Executive Committee of The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW). As the sixth president in LHW history, Andrea follows in the footsteps of his father, Ernst Andrea Scherz, who also served as president.

With more than 400 hotels in 80 countries, LHW’s collection includes everything from castles and palaces to mountain hideaways, safari camps and private islands. Created by hoteliers for hoteliers, LHW has a nine-decade history that empowers its members to stay independent. Superior hotels, exceptional hoteliers and sublime service are hallmarks of the independent community.

View of the Gstaad Palace, member of The Leading Hotels of the World, where Andrea Scherz currently serves as Chairman of the Executive Committee.

Although being a hotelier is in his blood, Andrea Scherz cemented his knowledge and skills by studying at the École hôtelière…

Bugatti explores the principles at the heart of luxury

Bugatti’s first Luxury Summit, held at Château Saint Jean in Molsheim (once home to Ettore Bugatti himself) on the 14th of June, was designed to explore trends in luxury – present and future. Guest speakers included experts and CEOs of leading luxury brands, and the compere and host were Rebecca Robins, author of Meta-luxury: Brands […]

The Veuve Clicquot Bold Woman Awards turn 50

Founded in 1972, the Bold Woman Awards are named after Madame Clicquot, the pioneering businesswoman who, when widowed at the age of 27, took over her husband’s champagne business in 1805 and transformed it into a global brand. This annual event celebrates women who have made significant contributions to their communities, industries, and the world […]

It takes a family to make a Bovet

It is not often that a successful businessman in pharmaceuticals gives it all up to buy a watch brand which value was based on its unique heritage, the mastery of its artisans… and little more. But that’s exactly what Pascal Raffy did in 2001, as a reaction to her eldest daughter’s complaint about never seeing her dad. That drastic career turn changed the dynamics of his family life and the fortunes of Bovet 1822 forever. Our Editor Julia Pasarón went to their headquarters at Château de Môtiers, on the hills over Neuchâtel, Switzerland, to interview Pascal as the brand celebrates its 200th anniversary.

Omega joins forces with Privateer for a new orbital space technology platform.

The Privateer mission was bound to happen, it was only a matter of time. Founded in 2021 by ex-NASA and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Alex Fielding and Steve Wozniak (the latter also known as “Woz” for being considered a wizard of the tech sector), and Dr Moriba Jah, an astrophysicist and academic, Privateer is looking at […]

By Sienna Taylor

Diversity and inclusion are not just mere buzzwords that represent a fleeting trend. In the 21st century, companies must integrate these two principles into their core business strategies. From employment to operations, businesses must be able to incorporate all strands of diversity and inclusion: age, disability, gender, race, culture, and religion, into the workplace. Diversity […]

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO, Rolls-Royce

Intelligent looking and always impeccably dressed, Torsten Müller-Ötvös has been Chief Executive Officer at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars since 2010, after building a top career in the automotive sector that includes the stellar re-launch of MINI (2000) and the global marketing and brand management of BMW (2004). In these 12 years, Torsten has turned around the […]

The power of small

Linda Pilkington exudes an energy and passion that seem difficult to be contained in such a petite woman – less than five foot tall. The only British female perfumer that owns her own house after more than 20 years, Linda’s brand, Ormonde Jayne, has become synonymous with the finest, gender and stereotype-free fragrances in the […]

Under the direction of our new editor, Dr Andrew Hildreth, this year I-M TIME puts a special focus on humanity’s exploration endeavours, featuring the Omega Alaska Project, extreme diver’s watches and the 20th-century race to space. On the other hand, we celebrate style and panache, looking at the 50th anniversary of Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak […]

Yes, we can save the Earth

As a humanitarian and environmental activist, Lily had for a long time a controversial relationship with gems extracted from under the skin of our planet. In this interview, she is joined by the founder of Skydiamond, Dale Vince and photographer Rankin, to explain to our editor Julia Pasarón how we can turn the industry into […]

Blending the past to shape the future

Marco Lavazza has worked in the family business all his professional life. At the age of 44, he serves as Vice President of the company, the legacy of which he feels responsible for safeguarding, as he does for leading it into the future. Lavazza is now run by the third and fourth generation of the […]

If you don’t dare, you don’t get.

With a notorious sculptor for a father and a much-celebrated architect grandfather, it is not difficult to see how this Taiwanese jewellery designer was destined to achieve great things as a creative artist. Cindy has always had a very three-dimensional mind. Perspective, space and depth are concepts that have preoccupied her since childhood and that […]

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