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Baccarat Bar

I think it is safe to say that London has one of the widest offers of drinking establishments in the world. Whatever type of watering hole is your favourite, from a local pub to the most exclusive champagne bar, you’ll certainly find it in the British capital. When I thought I could not find anything […]

Time To Play

With “Lockdown 2.0” stretching our patience with those around us, i.e. our families, and Christmas just a few weeks away (more family time), I thought wise to have a word with The Man in the Know -Father Christmas – and find for you the best board games (leaving out murder mysteries such as Cluedo) to […]

Alpine A110 Légende

The Alpine marque was founded in 1955 by Jean Rédélé, who achieved quite some success in motorsport with one of the few French cars produced just after WWII, the Renault 4CV. Rédélé gained class wins in a number of major events, including the Mille Miglia and Coupe des Alpes. As his experience with the little 4CV built up, he […]

Lockdown Liver is No More

Alcohol has always been one of Britons’ favourite ways to unwind, relax and share with friends after a long day of work or over the weekend to celebrate football team wins, drown sorrows and so much more.  Alcohol consumption is embedded in our culture as much as tea is. Although the NHS recommend us not […]

Rolls-Royce New Ghost

There is a reason why the best things in life are called “The Rolls-Royce of …” Self-declared “the world’s most customer-centric company,” when asked about the second edition of Ghost, the feedback from customers was quite clear: “We want more, but we want less.” This is a company that sells around 5,000 cars per year, […]

The Legends Tour

It’s been an unusual year for golf – no surprises there. For the first time ever in its eighty-four year history, the Masters were held in November, seeing the tournament’s famed magnolia flowers swapped for cool winds and autumn leaves. Not only that, but the sport has emerged as one of the breakout stars of […]

The World’s Strongest Women

Rape is one of the most prevalent weapons of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Hugh Francis Anderson travelled to City of Joy, a transformational leadership community in the country’s east, to meet the survivors of sexual violence and discover how their lives have been transformed. Rape as a weapon of war is as […]

Beneath The Sea

I am sure it will not come as news to you that human activities are threatening life in the world’s oceans. More than 80% of marine pollution comes from land-based activities: oil spills, agricultural pesticides, industrial sewage, even air pollution… all of which contribute to poison the water and deplete oxygen levels, resulting in the […]

Romane Howsam Means Business

At the tender age of just 21, Romane Howsam is about to launch a digital platform that promises to revolutionise the way we buy and sell luxury goods, Lymited, all whilst finishing her university degree in Business Management at King’s College London and indulging her passion for good food. I-M Intelligent Magazine got her away […]

The Future of Learning

Globally recognised as one of the best boarding schools in the world, the team at Institut auf dem Rosenberg have always prided themselves on being “artisans of education” rather than just teachers and coaches. Set on exquisite grounds in St. Gallen, Switzerland, Rosenberg offers a holistic approach to learning, which closes the gap between education […]

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